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Estonia-Cyprus ( 3 September 2017, A Le Coq Arena, Tallinn )


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I expect Estonia to play the same football they did against us just to scrap a point. Cyprus has the hardest programme remaining in their last two games after today.

Cyprus has Estonia away - Belgium away - Greece home. Hardest programme of the 3 contenders for 2nd spot.

Cyprus wins 3 games -> 19 points (impossible scenario)

Cyprus wins 2 games -> 17 points(impossible scenario)

Cyprus wins 1 game, draws one or two -> 14/15 points (very likely)

Cyprus draws Estonia and Greece -> 12 points

At best I can see Cyprus finish with 14 points  with a win over Estonia and a draw against us.

Greece has Gibraltar home , Cyprus away , Belgium home

Best case scenario we would all love is 9 points.

Most possible scenarios

Draws/Loses to Belgium , wins Gibraltar , draws Cyprus -> 17/18 points

Draws/Loses to Belgium , wins Gibraltar , wins Cyprus -> 19/20 points

only case Cyprus surpasses us is if they win all 3 of their games.

Today if Cyprus dont get a 3 pointer they areoficially outside the 2nd spot.


The only problem I am afraid is that while we are killing each other (funny how everyone was talking about Cypriots giving us help in the points while in the meantime when they have the option to fight for themselves everyone talking about how they re gonna leave us behind- It was abd to start saying such things abou help in the first place is my point) Bosnia takes advantage of an uninterested Belgium and go to 20 points.



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1 Aksalu(GK, Captain)

4 Kait

8 Anier

9 Purje

10 Zenjov

15 Pikk

16 Antonov

17 Jaager

18 Mets

21 Baranov

23 Teniste




12 Meerits(GK)

22 Igonen(GK)

2 Tamm

3 Mool

4 Kruglov

6 Dmitrijev

7 Miller

11 Lepistu

13 Luts

14 Vassiljev

19 Kallaste

20 Dmitrijev


Manager: Martin Reim(EST)

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12 Panagi(GK)

3 Avraam

5 Katelaris

6 Demetriou

8 Sotiriou

9 Christofi(Captain)

14 Laban

16 Kyriakou

17 Margaca

18 Artymatas

19 Laifis




1 Giorgallidis(GK)

22 Michael(GK)

2 Demetriou

4 Merkis

7 Papafotis

10 Charalambides

11 Alexandrou

13 Mytidis

15 Antoniadis

20 Kastanos

21 Makris

23 Nikolaou


Manager: Ran Ben Shimon(ISR)

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MATCHUP:           Estonia-Cyprus

COMPETITION:    2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifying

DATE:                   3-September-2017

TIME:                   19:00 CY time

CITY/STADIUM:    A Le Coq Arena, Tallinn

REFEREE:  Adrien Jacottet(SUI)

ASSISTANT REFEREES: Vital Jobin, Raffael Zeder(SUI)


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