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EL-QR4-L2: Ostersunds FK - PAOK (24 Aug 2017, 20:00 EEST)


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MATCHUP:           Ostersunds FK - P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki
  Europa League - Playoff Round - Leg 2
DATE:                    24-August-2017
TIME:                    20:00 EEST  (17:00 GMT, 12:00 CDT, 03:00 AEST next day)

CITY/STADIUM:  Ostersunds - Jamtkart Arena (Capacity: 8,466)
TELEVISION:       COSMOTE Sport 3 (Greece), Sport Plus (USA, Canada, Australia)

PAOK against Swedish team in European competitions:

2017-2018:  PAOK FC - Ostersunds FK  3:1 (Prijovic 2, Matos) - Attendance: ? (Europa League – Qualifying Round 4 – Leg 1)

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The only other thing to worry about is the weather and the fact that their pitch is artificial turf.

However I think the 3:1 gives as big advantage. They will need to open up their game and we will score at least once if not more.

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I could care less about the points for Greece. The reason we need to win the game is so we can get points for PAOK in the coefficient standings and move up. Had we won few more games in the past five years, we could now be easily ranked among the top seeds in EL group stage. Instead we are now hoping for 4 favorites to be eliminated. 

I think it's going to be an easy win. Something like 2:0, 3:1.

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You are well aware points for greece matter too...

we are closing in to 12th spot.....Points for greece may mean if PAOK win league or cup next season..they may have direct access to Groups...

Too many risks starting in July for many clubs...not just Greeks...

 Galata, Rangers, PSV, Sparta ...now PAO.....Historically strong clubs can slip up....very early..  Ajax, Fener facing elimination too...

It is not beyond reality that PAOK lose 2-0 in Sweden!

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I agree with Christo! I don't care about Greece's ranking. Or to set it appropriately, I care about Greece's ranking on the percentage that my team is responsible. There are four big teams who can make it to Europe, so I care for my 25%. I want PAOK to make me proud, first for myself as a PAOK fan and then as a side effect help Greece. If Greece wants to go anywhere near the standing where it was in the 2000s, every team should look themselves in the mirror and do something about it. Like once Olympiakos was winning the championships and was shameful in Europe, those past five years Panathinaikos and AEK are doing nothing but trying their best to sink Greece's standing. I, as PAOK fan, won't be sorry that my team cannot bring the points Panathinaikos and AEK are supposed to bring.

We spent the whole summer with AEK making a big deal about Champions League... Stupid political tricks that are going on for so many decades... What Champions League you scumbags? PAOK didn't make it with way better team than yours three times the last few years. And you expect yoru team with nothing more than mediocre transfers to make it? Panathinaikos also is hoping for a miracle to make it to Europa League stages. I will remind you, that when we came back to Europe in 2010 we had to eliminate Fenerbahce to make it to the stages. And you are complaining because you are unseeded and you got Athletic Bilbao. Well, guess what... That's the kind of teams you have to play because your shitty European runs have ruined you. And you ruined Greece. And the same will be next year. Unless you wait to draw the weakest team of the seeded teams and by accident get past through it. Maybe in five years you get to draw the weakest team, but again, nothing is for granted.

Bottom line, if you have no team, you have no chance. It's preseason so surprises happen, but you cannot bet on pure luck. PAOK has gotten what deserves from Europe the last seven years. Same for the rest. So, if you care about Greece then do something about it. But to my eyes, you care more about small politics, about political parties and referees, about killing opposite fans, hide the fact that players don't get paid (Panathinaikos), propaganda, and bullshit. My team is not excluded of course, but we are proud to have offered a handful of points and we are the most consistent team considering we always have played qualification matches to make it to the groups.

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Here's the lineup: Ρέι, Πασχαλάκης, Μάτος, Λέοβατς, Κωνσταντινίδης, Πούγγουρας, Βαρέλα, Κρέσπο, Μαλεζάς, Σάχοβ, Τσίμιροτ, Κάτσε, Μπίσεσβαρ, Πέλκας, Κάμπος, Ενρίκε, Λημνιός, Μακ, Πρίγιοβιτς, Κουλούρης

I'd play this team:







I wouldn't mind seeing Koulouris, Konstantinidis, Pelkas in there as well. Our B team should be enough to seal the deal - one goal is pretty much all we need.

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We will concede a goal in the 70th minute and then have heart attacks for the rest of the game if it's a typical PAOK performance.

On a serious note, first goal is key.  If we score the game is over.  If they score, they'll be like a bunch of Vikings in a berserker rage.

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