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Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Greece (9 June 2017- World Cup Qualifier- Bilino Polje Stadium, Zenica)

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19 minutes ago, kbxk508 said:

Starting 11 will be


Toro Soc Manolas Stafylidis

Tziolis Zecca

Mantalos Fortounis Bakasetas



If Bakasetas is playing then that's a HUGE mistake. bad choice by Skibbe if this is true. I would also rather Maniatis instead of Tziolis. Not that I like Maniatis but he brings more energy then Tziolis. F*** I hope this is not the official line up. I don't like it at all.

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8 minutes ago, Rockafeller Skank said:

I refuse to believe Bakasetas will be chosen. The rest are all possible. Is this official or just your opinion? 

Just heard lineup Bakasetas is in starting lineup. Tziolis too.

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In a bosnian forum they posted a 4-4-2 line up with 

Vranjes-Duric - Bicakcic - Zukanovic in the defence.

The rest of their team is irrelevant to what im about to say

Vranjes CB in Aek, mediocre even for Greece standarts, will be used as RB

Duric, CB in Eredivisie, his team NEC relegated after a play off.

Bicakcic, CB benchwarmer in Hoffenheim. Probably decent but that's just it.

Zukanovic, CB , 91 minutes of playtime in 2017. will be used as LB


If mitroglou, Mantalos and Fortounis can't score past this defence , why will we even bother to go to the WC.


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Tsiolis ?????

with Mantalos Bakasetas in the wings, they better run hard; otherwise it will be zeka against the bosnial mildfield.

I would use Maniatios or Kourbalis in place of Tsiolis and Retsos in place of Bakasetas (and moving stafilidis to LM).

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ΕΛΛΑΔΑ: Καρνέζης, Τοροσίδης, Μανωλάς, Παπασταθόπουλος, Σταφυλίδης, Ζέκα, Τζιόλης, Μάνταλος, Μπακασέτας, Φορτούνης, Μήτρογλου. 


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Lulic gonna have a very bad day. He doesnt have Kolasinac behind him. He is gonna get tired pretty easily if he turns back to help defend, or theirLeft Flank is gonna be too roasted.

Vrances-Visca duo seems equally weak. Bicakcic is the only decent defender and nothing more than that. We really have to score more than once if we wanna win.

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1 Begovic(GK)

3 Bicakcic

6 Vranjes

9 Ibisevic

10 Pjanic

11 Dzeko(Captain)

15 Sunjic

16 Lulic

17 Zukanovic

19 Visca

23 Jajalo




12 Sehic(GK)

22 Piric(GK)

2 Cocalic

4 Dumic

5 Cimirot

7 Besic

8 Medunjanin

13 Stevanovic

14 Bajic

18 Kodro

20 Prcic

21 Hodzic


Manager: Mehmed Bazdarevic(BIH)

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1 Karnezis(GK)

4 Manolas

6 Tziolis

8 Zeca

10 Fortounis

11 Mitroglou

14 Bakasetas

15 Torosidis(Captain)

19 Papastathopoulos

20 Mantalos

21 Stafylidis




12 Kapinos(GK)

13 Gianniotis(GK)

2 Maniatis

3 Retsos

5 Koutroubis

7 Siopis

9 Vellios

16 Diamantakos

17 Kourbelis

18 Gianniotas

22 Donis

23 Oikonomou


Manager: Michael Skibbe(GER)

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