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SL-PO-R1: PAOK - AEK (14 May 14, 20:30 EEST )


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Yellow to Matos, who is having a bad game. Kitsiou might be a good option at this point.

-edit- Kitsiou does indeed come in at the start of the second half

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Did not see the game, but by all accounts we did not show up and gifted the 3 points to AEK. Unless we win Wednesday against Panathinaikos, the playoffs are over for PAOK. it really makes no difference if we finish 2nd, 3rd or 4th. The only thing that matters is winning the playoffs and another chance with little luck to rea ch our dream of CL group stage.  

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  • Blackhawk changed the title to SL-PO-R1: PAOK - AEK (14 May 14, 20:30 EEST )

Did AEK beat us in the midfield ?  It seems that when we play 2 in the middle (AEK always play 3) they have gotten over us.  In the Cup, Ivic played conservatively (and I agree with the move) and went with 3 in the middle to counter their midfield.  Maybe Ivic thought this time around playing at home it was worth the risk to play the 4-2-3-1.  I would've done the same.  Having said that, all systems are irrelevant if the players are asleep.

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I don't think the playoffs are over for us, but the loss is a big blow. IMO a draw against PAO will still be a good result, it would put us 3 points behind AEK (im assuming they beat panionios)
They would then have a double header against Pana and i can't see AEK beating them twice. It is absolutely paramount we take 6 points off panionios in those double games. For me if we come out our next 3 with 7 points (easier said than done but no reason we can't achieve it) then it will be game on well and truly for top spot. 

It's gonna be tough, and we can't afford another loss, but we are very much still in the hunt. 

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The playoffs are definitely not over, and we've won much harder games this season than what we are going to face. Hell, we're "only" in second place. I still predict we'll end the playoffs in first place.

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