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Belgium vs Greece (25 March 2017- King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels)

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very good half. Defensive rock solid. Sokratis and Manola have been very good. Kept Belgium to just 3 attempts, only one of which was on target. Samaris, taxi and tzavella all guilty of giving the ball away at times which has left us a little open. 

Only really disappointing thing is the few times we have gone into their half and into a decent attacking position we have been wasteful, bad touches/passes and the Belgians are off again. 
But hey we didn't go to Brussels to score!

No doubt they will come out firing in the 2nd half so we'll have to keep it extremely tight and look for any chance to break

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13 minutes ago, tantra129 said:

Tzavellas and samaris are pissing me off. The rest are great. 

Samaris is playing very decently literally a whole new Samaris, much better than were used to seeing him with the NT. Probably some playing time in Benfica top level in Portugese Derbies and Champions League gave him confidence/form.

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so far so good. question is can we sustain? would like to see gianniotas on at some point for counter attack

they won't be as easy to contain second half I'm sure. Especially with their deep bench options.

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