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AEK vs Veria


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Must win, end of story. 

I feel like if you look at our team we have talent and depth in every position if everyone is fit and confident. We just haven't been able to put it together. 

Hopefully this run under Manolo will continue to the end of the season!

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didac Lambropoulos Vranjes Galo

               Ajdarevic Johansson

             Mantalos Araujo Lazaros



thiugh I can't tell how far up Araujo is playing since I'm listening to the radio

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Great performance. Could have easily been 10-0. Dominated possession, a class above. Took the foot off the pedal in the second half. Adrejevic distributes a lot of ball. Araujo and Patito are so exciting, quality players. 

I have to say well done to Manolo. I know we haven't played great teams but 4 wins, 1 draw and no goals conceeded!!

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Jesus another obliteration!

Didnt get to watch but sounded like more of the same as the game as Levadiakos.

Good to see Lazaros start to show what he can do. Vranjes looks to have turned out solid, I wonder what a pairing Chygrinskiy would make next to him.

Managed 6 goals with Bakasetas, Vargas, Patito, some of our most creative players, on the bench, 

Did Vinicius look good??

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I know, looking at squad, all of a sudden we have depth everywhere. My concern is still our ability to break down well organised teams and score. 

Vini looked okay, made a few good runs. The game was done so hard to tell. Will be better for the run!

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I only heard the game on the radio. Would those of you who watched it say that anyone looked particularly weak out there? I noticed earlier this season there seemed to always be a couple players who looked really weak, but it sounds like that hasn't been the case these past two games (though I guess our defense hasn't been truly been tested in a little while)

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