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Come on guys get it together, we have a game tomorrow and no one opened a game thread. We must win and get 3 points in this one, no questions asked. Because of all the injuries, Morals is trying a 4-1-2-1-2 with Simoes sitting in front of the center backs, Johanson and Galanopoulos in front of him, and Mantalos playing behind Aravidis and Almeida up top. Since all of our wingers are hurt, this is Morais' only option, it will be interesting to see how it works. 

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Probably the best half we've played this year. Mantalos and Almeida almost linked up for a sensational goal; Aravidis hit the post, but other than those two plays Aravidis and Almeida have been pretty bad. We need a striker in January.  The score should be at least 2 or 3-0 by now, hopefully we extend the lead and hold on.

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Very frustrating, sums up our season so far. We simply don't have the depth. What do you really expect of a season when you change coach 5 games in? I don't blame Morais and I think we need to give him the season and January transfer window to prove himself. Too much knee jerk reaction in Greece. We need stability. 

Let's face it, the season is done anyway. Oly will win easily, they have too much squad depth and quality. As usual we will fight for second and hope for a good cup run. 

I don't agree with the comment on Johansen. He has been called up to the Swedish NT, I don't think you can say he's been poor. I also think that Anesti is a decent keeper but unfortunately is prone to stupid mistakes which leads to a massive drop in confidence. 

What we need to do is find a Blanco, Berg type striker, mid 20's. We haven't had a proper quality striker since Blanco and have struggled up front. 

Frustrated but realise we need to have long term goals and some strategy behind them rather than just hiring and firing. Meli surely needs to start to act. No stadium, no transfer fees to buy players. I'm all for remaining financially viable which is a must but we must move forward!!!

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Simoes has been bellow par too. Something tells me he has lost interest.

When are Lazaros/Bakasetas/Vargas back!?

Almeida on the wing...jesus tap dancing christ.

I agree it is too early to rid Morais, this is not his team, some decisions are baffling however.

Growing impatient with Mel now, like you said Damianos staying financially stable is key however we wont grow at this rate buying sub par free players.

The Diaz signing says it all...

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How we drew that game amazes me, we had so many chances and couldn't kill the game off, add to the fact their keeper made some great saves, but as usual AEK copped a s%$#! goal and once again we dropped points to another average side.

I wont put blame on Morais, the guys just come in and tried to clean the s%$#! up from Ketsbaia, he does need time but also signings. He changed the formation this weekend and I think it was good as it worked well for us, just a shame we couldn't get the win.

Galanopoulos is a F***en talent, I feel once he ran out of gas we also dropped as a team, he was doing a lot for us.

We need atleast 4 new players to come in January. 

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Its not that he's bad just not as a dominant presence as he is known to be. 

Simoes is another playing below par imo.

Maybe its because we arent playing as often, 1 game a week (and some weeks longer in this bourdello league) doesnt allow us to gather momentum.

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