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Fiorentina - PAOK ( EL - Group Stage - Matchday 5 / 24 Nov 2016, 20:00 EET )


Fiorentina - PAOK  

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Fiorentina.jpg   vs PAOK.jpg

MATCHUP:           ACF Fiorentina - P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki
COMPETITION:    Europa League – Group Stage – Round 5

DATE:                   24-November-2016
                   20:00 EET  (18:00 GMT, 12:00 CST, 05:0 AEDT next day)

CITY/STADIUM:    Fiorentina – Antonio Franchi Stadium (47,290)

       OTE Sport TV (Greece), Cytavision Sports (Cyprius), ESPN3, WatchESPN, Fox Soccer 2GO (USA)


1.      ACF Fiorentina - 10
2.      Qarabag FK - 7
3.      PAOK Thessaloniki – 4
4.      FC Slovan Liberec - 1


Our European history against Italian teams:

1973-1974: AC Milan – PAOK FC 3:0 - Attendance: 25,963 (Cup Winners Cup – Quarterfinal – Leg 1)
1973-1974:  PAOK FC – AC Milan 2:2 (Sarafis 2) - Attendance: 43,882 (Cup Winners Cup – Quarterfinal – Leg 2)
1985-1986:  Hellas Verona – PAOK FC 3:1 (Skartados) - Attendance: 27,008 (Champions Cup – Round 1 – Leg 1)
1973-1974:  PAOK FC – Hellas Verona 1:2 (Vasilakos) - Attendance: 40,000(Champions Cup – Round 1 – Leg 2)
1988-1989:  SSC Napoli – PAOK FC 1:0 - Attendance: 62,662 (UEFA Cup – Round 1 – Leg 1)
1988-1989:  PAOK FC – SSC Napoli 1:1 (Skartados) - Attendance: 39,848 (UEFA Cup – Round 1 – Leg 2)
2000-2001:  Udinese Calcio – PAOK FC 1:0 - Attendance: 14,258 (UEFA Cup – Round2 – Leg 1)
2000-2001:  PAOK FC – Udinese Calcio 3:0 (aet) (Camps 2, Froussos) - Attendance: 24,324 (UEFA Cup – Round 1 – Leg 2)
2011-2012:  Udinese Calcio – PAOK FC 0:0 - Attendance: 11,641 (Europa League – Round of 32 – Leg 1)
2011-2012:  PAOK FC – Udinese Calcio 0:2 - Attendance: 22,400 (Europa League – Round of 32 – Leg 2)
2014-2015:  PAOK FC – ACF Fiorentina 0:1 - Attendance: 22,612 (Europa League – Group Stage – Round 3)
2014-2015:  ACF Fiorentina - PAOK FC 1:1(Martens) - Attendance: ? (Europa League – Group Stage – Round 4)
2016-2017:  PAOK FC – ACF Fiorentina 0:0 - Attendance: 20,904 (Europa League – Group Stage – Round 1)

GAMES:   13

TIES:         5

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PAOK has to go to Italy and try steal the game. Ivic should look at how PAOK beat Dortmund last season in Germany. The good thing is that Klaus is not available for the game, as he would be useless in a game when a team is trying to steal a game. Ivic should rely on players with speed (Rodrigues, Campos) and counter attacks to try and get a result. 

Main thing is for PAOK not to lose, and hope that Qarabag does not get points in Liberec.

Game will be on ESPN3 here in US, so we can all watch the game and then go stuff out guts with turkey.

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We will not get smashed. Historically we never do against big teams in Europe. And I don't expect any different this time around. If we lose it's going to be 1:0 or 2:1.

Pareyra will stay in Thessaloniki as he injured himself in practice. With Klaus banned by UEFA, and depending who you listen to also by PAOK, we have a problem in the forward position. As Bananas points out we are left with Koulouris and Thiam. I don't think it makes that much difference who starts. 

I expect us to play a defensive game and rely on counters using the speed of Rodrigues and Campos. The big qquestion is who will start as dekari. Will it be Biseswar or Pelkas. Hope Ivic does not do something stupid such as using Shakhov in that position.

With that in mind, here is my lineup:

------------------ Glykos ----------------
Matos - Varela - Tzavellas - Leovac
------ Canas ------------- Cimirot -----
Campos --- Biseswar --- Rodrigues
-------------- Koulouris ----------------

Players travelling to Italy:

Γλύκος, Μπρκιτς, Λέοβατς, Λέο Μάτος, Κίτσιου, Τζαβέλλας, Βαρέλα, Κρέσπο, Κάνιας, Χαρίσης, Σάκχοφ, Τσίμιροτ, Μπίσεσβαρ, Πέλκας, Μυστακίδης, Τιάμ, Ροντρίγκες, Κάμπος, Κουλούρης

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Well, Shakhov played in the first game but not really as a dekari.  Ivic played with 3 in the middle.  I wouldn't be surprised if he does the same thing.  Also, I'd expect Ivic to throw Thiam in early in the second half to try to exploit his pace and hope for ... something.

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Ivic is DEFINITELY going to start Shakhov. Only question is if he'll have a dekari in addition. I highly doubt that...

As for Thiam...I'd be willing to see him get a go at LW, but he's definitely not suited to play striker.

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wow got woken up at 5.30am and checked the score, listened to the last 15 on radio sounds like we were under the pump. gonna be a tough second half but if we can hold on what a result. still a long way to go though!

anyone with any links?

edit: euxaristo yiankos

Edited by paokarag4
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