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Greece - Bosnia-Herzegovina (13 November 2016, Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium, Piraeus)


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Jesus I turned the match on to see the ball bounce off karnezis' head for a goal. How have we been playing? Like s%$#! I imagine given that maniatis and tzavellas are starting and staf is apparently lined up as a left winger?

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Wtf did you guys think was going to happen when Estonia was all over of us? Because we beat Gibraltar,Estonia, and Cyprus? Come on this team is s%$#! and hasn't turned the corner from the Euros and Skibbe is the worst coach I've seen so far for this team.

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we had a great first 10 minutes. they dominated the meat 30. then we started playing well last 10 minutes. Mitroglou nearly scored.

during the 30 minute brain fog on our part I nearly got a heart attack and our offense looked impotent we could hardly get into the attacking third.

they forced our hand with the goal and we started playing better. it's kinda sad that a lot of the best attacking runs were made by sokratis!

the way we're playing is gunna give me a heart attack lol

I think our line is good. Samaris seems invisible. I expect him to pick up the slack for a missing Manolas since he can play CB well.

Kpaps somehow saving our lives and Sokratis.

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When we pressure them we create chances.

Manolas missing is a big minus as he has the physical ability to stop Dzeko one on one , and doesnt need 3 defenders on him. I know everyone has been praising K pap being a starter since like 2010 but honestly he is far inferior to the Manolas-Sokratis duet.


Mitroglou nice chance, smart run to not let defenders even think what he is about to do.

Mantalos unexistent in the game so far, I hope 45' Gianniotas gets a shot.



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