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Mascot Sensitivity Phenomenon

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So lately in the news there is major backlash about Sports team mascot names.  

Indians is offensive, Redskins, Braves , Seminoles etc etc should all be changed

Now it has hit Canada, some people are calling for the Edmonton Eskimos to change their name.

Well i think that any of you who are from Sparta should head over to Lansing Michigan on Saturday and protest the name of the Michigan St Spartans, who knows maybe they will consider changing their name !!!!


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I'm offended that you're offended:angry-687657:

Look, individuals can believe whatever they want but this is a private club with certain rules of behavior. We think such rules make it a better experience for all to hang out here. I think we push the limits of free expression, but we have to remember this is not a place for a bar brawl. Check your guns at the door, and keep any racism, homophobia, hate, and vile comments inside yourself, until you find another venue to express them and fight with other knuckleheads. 

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On 10/22/2016 at 0:25 PM, The Taxman said:

What I said was neither racist nor homophobic and certainly not vile.

Transgendered aren't a race and although some of them might be homosexual, that's not where I take an issue. Same for vegan. 

These things aren't natural and I have a right to voice my disgust.

The fact that you find transgender people and vegans as "c*nts" and "disgusting" does not give you license to say so here. The stated reason for the warning was "inappropriate language" and my post was to remind everyone where they are and the rules that govern this forum. And, yes, we welcome all genders and foodies here.

We could have a conversation as to the definition of "normal" and how we should react to the "abnormal".... But, if I may offer an opinion on the subject, it's very ..uncool to feel the need to label others disgusting based on dietary or lifestyle choices and how someone is born. Com'on now.

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