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22 Greek athletes will take part in the Under 20 World Athletics Championships in Nairobi, Kenya

Άνδρες Κ20
100μ./4Χ100 μ.: Νίκος Παναγιωτόπουλος (Αθλος Κερατσινίου)
200μ./4Χ100 μ.: Γιάννης Καριοφύλλης (ΓΑΣ Σκάλας)
Επί κοντώ: Σωτήρης Χύτας (Αμεινίας Μεσογείων)
Σφαιροβολία: Κωστας Γεννίκης (ΟΦΚΑ Σερρών)
Δισκοβολία: Κώστας Μπουζάκης (ΓΣ Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος)
Δισκοβολία: Δημήτρης Παυλίδης (ΑΣ Αίας Κιλκίς)
Σφυροβολία: Ορέστης Ντουσάκης (ΓΣ Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος)
Σφυροβολία: Θοδωρής Ζιώγας (ΓΑΣ Νιγρίτας)
4Χ100 μ.: Κώστας Μίλιος (Αθλος Άρτας)
4Χ100 μ.: Γεράσιμος Καμπίτσης (ΣΑΚΑ)
200/4Χ100 μ.: Γιάννης Γρανιτσιώτης (ΓΟ Γιάννης Παλάσκας)

Γυναίκες Κ20
200 μ.: Πολυνίκη Εμμανουηλίδου (ΑΣΣ Αλέξανδρος Μακεδονίας)
800 μ.: Ελλη - Ευτυχία Δεληγιάννη (ΣΑΚΑ)
400 μ. εμπ.: Άννα Χατζηπουργάνη (ΓΑΣ Αρχέλαος)
Επί κοντώ: Ηλιάνα Τριανταφύλλου (ΓΣ Σέρρες 93)
Επί κοντώ: Αναστασία Ρέτσα (Αμεινίας Μεσογείων)
Τριπλούν: Σωτηρία Ράπτη (ΑΓΣΙ)
Σφαιροβολία: Αναστασία Ντραγκομίροβα (ΑΣ Κένταυρος)
Δισκοβολία: Αρετή Φιλιππίδου (ΑΣΣ Αλέξανδρος Μακεδονίας)
Δισκοβολία: Σοφία Κεσσίδη (ΑΣ Κένταυρος)
Ακοντισμός: Ελίνα Τζένγκο (ΑΣ Κένταυρος)
10.000 μ. βάδην: Αναστασία Αντωνοπούλου (Ίκαρος Ν. Ιωνίας)

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I can see 2 medals from Greece at these games in Kenya. Elina Tzengko the heavy favorite for gold medal, Orestis Dousakis (another athlete from Chania) should get at least bronze medal in men's hammer throw since Merlin Hummel of Germany isn't going to be there. There is the possibility of a third medal in the women's discus throw from either Despoina Filippidou (55.12m this season, 3rd best) or Sofia Kessidi (52.29m) if she breaks her PB. 

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The programs for the Under 20 Greek athletes in Nairobi, Kenya. Times are local 

Wednesday, (18/8)
09:08 (Group A) / 10:25 (Group B) Men's hammer throw (Q) - Dousakis, Ziogas
09:47 Men's shot put (Q) - Gennikis
10:20 Men's 100 meters (H) - Panagiotopoulos 
16:00 Women's pole vault (Final) - Retsa, Triantafilliou
16:40 Men's 100 meters (SF)

Thursday, (19/8) 
09:00 Women's 400 meter hurdles (H) - Chatzipourgianni 
10:50 Women's 800 meters (H) - Deligianni
14:40 Women's javelin throw (Final) - Tzengko
15:00 Men's pole vault (Final) - Chitas
15:20 Men's shot put (Final) 
16:00 Women's triple jump (Q) - Rapti
16:25 Women's discus throw (Final) - Fillipidou, Kessidi
17:50 Men's 100 meters (Final) 

Friday, (20/8) 
11:00 Women's 200 meters (H) - Emmanouilidou
11:40 Men's 200 meters (H) - Kariofyllis, Granitsiotis
14:25 Women's triple jump (Final) 
16:15 Men's hammer throw (Final) 
16:20 Women's 800 meters (SF)
16:40 Women's 200 meters (SF) 
17:05 Men's 200 Meters (SF) 

Saturday, (21/8) 
10:20 Women's 10,000 meters race walk (Final) - Antonopoulou
10:45 (Group A) / 11:36 (Group B) Men's discus throw (Q) - Bouzakis, Pavlidis
12:40 Men's 4 x 100 meters relay (H) - Team Greece 
16:40 Women's shot put (Final) - Dragomirova
16:45 Women's 800 meters (Final) 
18:00 Women's 200 meters (Final) 
18:10 Men's 200 meters (Final) 

Sunday, (22/8) 
15:00 Women's 400 meter hurdles (Final) 
16:00 Men's discus throw (Final) 
16:45 Men's 4 x 100 meters relay (Final) 

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On the first day, both hammer throwers Dousakis (2nd overall 76.25) and Ziogas (7th overall 72.61) have qualified for the finals. In the men's 100 meters heat, Panagiotopoulos just missed out on a semifinals spot, finishing 27th overall at 10.67. Gennikis failed to qualify for the finals in the men's shot put (6kg), finishing 16th overall at 16.92. And finally, Retsa just missed out on a medal in the women's pole vault, finishing 4th place at 4.05. That first miss at the opening height at 3.80 proved costly for her. Triantafyllou didn't register a mark. 

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Both the men's pole vault and women's discus throw (the Greek athletes are competing in) had to be rescheduled for Friday morning due to thunderstorms. Elina Tzengko won silver in the women's javelin throw with a mark of 59.60, the Serbian Adriana Vilagos won the event with an under 20 world lead of 61.46, beating Tzengko's mark of just 4 centimeters (61.42 at the Balkan Championships). Sotiria Rapti qualifies for the finals in the women's triple jump, equaling her personal best of 12.93 (8th place overall). Earlier in the morning session, Anna Chatzipourgianni failed to qualify for the finals in the women's 400 meter hurdles, finishing 14th overall at 1:00.67. Elli-Eftychia Deligianni finished 2rd overall in the women's 800 meters at 2:05.38. The Kenyan athlete who initially finished second in her race was disqualified. 

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Greece got it's second silver medal from Orestis Dousakis in the men's hammer throw, finishing at 77.78. He would have won gold had the Czech hammer thrower didn't produce a Jr. national record on his 5th attempt at 77.83. Theodoros Ziogas finished 6th at 72.24. In the women's triple jump, Sotiria Rapti finished 10th place at 12.83. In the women's 800 meters, Elli-Eftychia Deligianni advanced into the finals finished 3rd in the semifinals with a time of 2:06.41. She has a good chance at Greece's third medal. Earlier in the women's 200 meters, Polyniki Emmanouilidou advanced into the semifinals finishing 3rd in the heat of 23.87. In the semifinals, she broke the Greek National Under 20 record with a time of 23.77, but it wasn't enough to go to the finals, finishing 10th overall. Both male Greek sprinters in the 200 meters (Kariofyllis and Granitsiotis) failed to qualify for the semifinals. In the women's discus throw, Sofia Kessidi finished 4th at 48.99 while Filippidou finished 5th at 48.84. In the men's pole vault, Chitas failed to register a mark. 

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Bravo to Deligianni for giving Greece it's 3rd medal and it's bronze in the women's 800 meters, which is quite rare for a Greek athlete to medal in a middle or long distance running. Her time was 2:04.66. Dragomirova finished 6th in the women's shot put with a mark of 14.57. In the women's 10,000 meters race walk, Antonopoulou produced a new PB of 49:31.80, finishing 9th place. In men's discus throw qualification, Bouzakis failed to register a mark while Pavlidis qualified for the finals with 52.64 (10th place). In the men's 4 x 100 meters relay, team Greece qualifies for the finals with a new national under 20 Greek record of 40.13 (7th place overall in the heat). 

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On the last day of the competition, Pavlidis finished 10th place at 52.83 in the men's discus throw. The Greek men's 4 x 100 relay team finished 6th place breaking another junior Greek national record of 40.07. Greece finishes with 3 medals, the most ever at a Under 20 World Athletics Championships. 

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List of past World under 20 athletics championship medalists for Greece 

Gold - Periklis Iakovakis (Men's 400 meter hurdles) 49.82 - (1998) Annecy, France 
Gold - Antonios Merlos (Men's high jump) 2.23 - (2018) Tampere, Finland 
Silver - Lambros Papakostas (Men's high jump) 2.25 - (1988) Sudbury, Ontario, Canada 
Silver - Miltiadis Tentoglou (Men's long jump) 7.91 - (2016) Bydgoszcz, Poland 
Silver - Orestis Dousakis (Men's hammer throw) 77.78 - (2021) Nairobi, Kenya
Silver - Savvas Saritsoglou (Men's hammer throw) 70.32 - (1990) Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Silver - Elina Tzengko (Women's javelin throw) 59.60 - (2021) Nairobi, Kenya
Silver - Konstantina Romerou (Women's triple jump) 12.55 - (2016) Bydgoszcz, Poland 
Bronze - Kostas Douvalidis (Men's 110 meter hurdles) 13.39 - (2006) Beijing, China 
Bronze - Kostas Gatsioudis (Men's javelin throw) 75.92 - (1992) Seoul, South Korea
Bronze - Katerina Stefanidi (Women's pole vault) 4.25 - (2008) Bydgoszcz, Poland 
Bronze - Paraskevi Papachristou (Women's triple jump) 13.74 - (2008) Bydgoszcz, Poland 
Bronze - Iliana Korosidou (Women's hammer throw) 63.67 - (2014) Eugene, Oregon, USA
Bronze - Odyessus Mouzenidis (Men's shot put) 21.07 - (2018) Tampere, Finland 
Bronze - Elli-Eftychia Deligianni (Women's 800 meters) 2:04.66 - (2021) Nairobi, Kenya 


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SEGAS announces 19 Greek athletes to take part in the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon USA. 
Some of them have qualified through entry standard dating from 2021/2022, others by world rankings, and two from invites. 

Men's team 
Miltiadis Tentoglou (Long Jump) PB 8.60 SB 8.55 (indoors)
Emmanouil Karalis (Pole Vault) PB 5.80 SB 5.81 (indoors) 
Anastasios Latifllari (Shot Put) PB 19.93 SB 19.93 
Nicholas Scarvelis (Shot Put) PB 21.05 SB 19.70 
Michail Anastasakis (Hammer Throw) PB 77.72 SB 77.30 
Christos Frantzeskakis (Hammer Throw) PB 78.15 SB 78.15 
Alexandros Papamichail (35 Kilometers Race Walk) PB 2:36:45 SB 2:39:43 

Women's team 
Tatiana Gusin (High Jump) PB 1.94 (indoors) SB 1.90 
Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou (Pole Vault) PB 4.83 SB 4.50 
Katerina Stefanidi (pole Vault) PB 4.91 SB 4.65 
Eleni Polak (Pole Vault) PB 4.71 (indoors) 4.50 
Spyridoula Karydi (Triple Jump) PB 14.19 SB 13.82 
Chrysoula Anagnostopoulou (Discus Throw) PB 62.40 SB 62.40 
Stamatia Scarveli (Hammer Throw) PB 71.43 SB 71.43
Elina Tzengko (Javelin Throw) PB 65.40 SB 65.40 
Kiriaki Filtisakou (20 Kilometers Race Walk) PB 1:32:23 SB 1:35:40
Christina Papadopoulou (20 Kilometers Race Walk) PB 1:32:53 SB 1:39:27
Antigoni Drisbioti (35 Kilometers Race Walk) PB 2:47:48 SB 2:47:48
Efi Kourkoutsaki (35 Kilometers Race Walk) PB 3:11:05 SB 3:11:05

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Tentoglou should win his first gold at the World Championships. 
Stefanidi still a medal contender even if she is not in top form, always a threat. 
Drisbioti is a top 5 race walker in the 35 km, she has a 50/50 shot at a medal 
The two young athletes who can be a surprise to possibly qualify for the finals are Frantseskakis and Tzengko. Christos is ranked in the top 10 for the men's hammer throw (78.15 lifetime best) and Elina threw the second most distance for the season 65.40 (also lifetime best). 

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The scheduled programs for the Greek athletes. Times posted are local in Eugene

Friday, July 15 
09:05 Men's Hammer Throw Q (Group A) Frantzeskakis, Anastasakis
10:30 Men's Hammer Throw Q (Group B) 
12:05 Women's Hammer Throw Q (Group A) Scarveli
13:10 Women's 20 Kilometers Race Walk Finals Filtisakou, Papadopoulos 
13:30 Women's Hammer Throw Q (Group B) 
17:20 Women's Pole Vault Q Stefanidi, Kyriakopoulou, Polak 
18:00 Men's Long Jump Q Tentoglou
18:55 Men's Shot Put Q Scarvelis, Latifllari

Saturday, July 16 
10:30 Women's Triple Jump Q Karydi
11:10 Women's High Jump Q Gusin 
12:00 Men's Hammer Throw Finals 
18:20 Men's Long Jump Finals 

Sunday, July 17 
11:35 Women's Hammer Throw Finals 
17:25 Women's Pole Vault Finals 

Monday, July 18
17:10 Women's Discus Throw Q (Group A) Anagnostopoulou
18:20 Women's Triple Jump Finals 
18:35 Women's Discus Throw Q (Group B) 

Tuesday, July 19 
17:40 Women's High Jump Finals 

Wednesday, July 20 
15:20 Women's Javelin Throw Q (Group A) Tzengko
16:50 Women's Javelin Throw Q (Group B) 
18:30 Women's Discus Throw Finals  

Friday, July 22 
06:15 Women's 35 Kilometers Race Walk Finals Drisbioti, Papadopoulos, Kourkoutsaki
17:05 Men's Pole Vault Q Karalis 
18:20 Women's Javelin Throw Finals 

Sunday, July 24
06:15 Men's 35 Kilometers Race Walk Finals Papamichil
17:25 Men's Pole Vault Finals 

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Frantzeskakis qualified to the final with a 76.03 m throw in qualifying of Hammer Throw. Anastasakis on the other hand with a throw of 72.40 m did not.

Tentoglou with 8.03 in the men's long jump and Stefanidi with 4.50 m in women's pole vault and Frantzeskakis with 76.03 m in men's hammer throw qualified to the finals.

Not making the finals the finals:

Polak and Kyriakopoulou with 4.35 m in women's pole vault
Scarvelis with 19.55 m and Latiflaris with 18.98 m in men's shot put
Scraveli with 67.20 m in women's hammer throw
Anastasakis with 72.40 in men's hammer throw

In one final even with Greek participation the results were:

Women's 20 km walk:

22. Filtisakou  1:34.55  (SB)
28. Papadopoulou  1:37.20  (SB)

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During the weekend, I do expect Tentoglou and Stefanidi to medal, anything less would be a failure. 
Frantzeskakis not expecting to medal, but hopefully will give a good showing and finish in the top 8. 

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Spyridoula Karydi finished at 13.63 m (24th) missing the finals. 
Tatiana Gusin came so close to qualifying coming off her silver medal at the Mediterranean Games equaling her season's best at 1.90 m (13th place). An early miss at 1.81 may have costed her a spot in the finals. 
Franzeskakis finished 9th in the men's hammer throw finals at 77.04 m. Not a bad performance from the young Cretan, he is not ready yet to medal as it's nearly impossible to do so with 5 hammer throwers over 80 m. 

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In championships like these you need to beat your best marks to get good results. Usually the young and inexperienced athletes fail to do so.

Looking forward to this evenings long jump final.

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Biggest shocker in these championships. Never thought he would beat Tentoglou on his final attempt the way he was performing all day long. Silver medal isn't to be ashamed of, he got his first World Outdoor Championship medal to add to his resume. 

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Stefanidi said in an interview that she believes 4.80 may be enough to earn gold. This isn't going to be a very competitive finals as many vaulters here hardly passed over 4.70 except for Sandi Morris (4.82), who is favored to win gold. 

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Anagnostopoulou finished 19th place at 58.15, still no qualification at the world games or Olympics for her. She has two European Championship finals appearance in her career. 

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