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Larissa - AEK


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Larissa 1-2 AEK

BIG BIG win especially considering the gavroi lost here and that we were playing with 10 men for over 20 minutes.

These are the games that win titles, having said that I feel we still have work to do, sure Simoes & Patito were missing, 2 key players but we look so amateur at times.

Galo is having a very poor season so far IMO and Bakakis deserves a few games in the 11ada.

Anesits had a great game and saved us on more that one occasion.

It appears Lazaros and Jovanovic were both shown red cards after the game due to an altercation, not coming up on any sites so not sure if they stand. 


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Excellent result against a tough opponent at their home.

What's with all the cards given out tonight?  7 yellow and two reds to AEK, and 3 yellows to Larissa. Surely we didn't foul that bad. Apparently Chygrynskiy's yellow was from him kicking the ball and it hitting the opponent's head?  Anyone can confirm if it was a yellow?

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I couldn't get up at 3.30am for it as I am jet lagged badly, but good to see we got the win there as it isn't an easy place to go and walk away with 3 points.

Bravo to Platellas who took his chance today and scored twice.

I saw the saves from Anestis lucky he was on his good day today, hopefully he keeps that form up.

Both teams it seemed had chances to win the game.

Shame about the 2 reds but as said above Galo hasn't been himself and Bakakis showed what he can do when given a chance. Lazaros don't know what happened there but pretty dumb to get sent off after the match has been completed.

Now it gives us a bigger headache against Panionios at home without him, along with the others. Hopefully he doesn't get more than a week as we have PAOK away in 2 weeks and we will need everyone for that match.


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Good result, especially after all the negativity over the last 2 weeks.  Hopefully, this win builds some confidence and makes some of the guys work harder for their position.

Its too bad when half the team is either injured or is suspended.  It makes it so much harder to get the momentum going again.

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