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AEK in Greek Cup 2016-17

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Yup, Bakasetas takes Mantalos' spot, Vargas on the right wing with Patito on the left, Simoes and Johansson in the middle, Bakakis and Didac at full back and Kolo and Lambro at CB with Anestis in goal.

We have started with a high tempo which is good to see. Although we have the lead from the first game we need to kill off the game with a 2nd.

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HT and has been our most complete so far this season, the line up looks strong too, Galo for Bakakis, Barkas for Anestis and its probably our best with Vranjes and Chygrinskiy also having a shout for CB.

Bakasetas has come back from his injury and landed on his feet, 2 goals and in a way im delighted as Mantalos has been below average, Bakasetas will give him some competition and keep him on his feet.

Araujo has made some nice runs and took his goal well, so refreshing to see a ST that can run with some flair flair and not be a statue like Almeida/Pekhart who are more target men.

Patito being his usual self taking on his marker, he is a great talent. Good to see Vargas get a game too, when he wants he can play some serious ball.

With the win most likely in the bag I hope to see Galanopoulos get a run early on.


No subs as the players come back out for the 2nd.

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And that's all she wrote, 6-0 full time, 7-0 on aggregate. Complete domination throughout the game and reminded of of the AEK of last year.

It seems Manolo has implemented his ideas to the team and they seem to be playing with a little more passion/drive. Definitely a plan in place instead of passing to anybody as it was throughout most of the year with Ketsbaia and Morais.

A nice confidence booster with a 5 different goalscorers. Araujo getting 2, good game from him, 2 nice headers, hopefully he keeps it up.

Bravo sta paidia.

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