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Olympiakos Vs AEK

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16 hours ago, ELLAS75 said:

Looking back I think AEK should have kept Dellas at the helm.

I honestly believe Dellas would do well with this current crop, as example now he went to karaiskaki (kypello) with a very average side and got a draw and took Oly right to the death and lost the tie in the last minute.

His tactics, style of football reading of the game and game plans were very good. Sure he struggled at times but he didn't have the talent either that this squad has.

Dont think it would happen now though.

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Honestly, we were in the same chat room last year after Dellas pulled Simoes out of the match calling for his resignation.  Actually, there are many parallels with last year in October after Karaiskaki...

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Yeah, last year we played well for 60 minutes in Karaiskaki, we created a few chances, looked decent defensively and then we fell apart once Simoes came off because we lost the midfield. The difference is that Dellas had been in charge for over two seasons so firing him after that game wouldn't be as frown upon as firing Ketsbaia after 6 official games. 

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