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Olympiakos Vs AEK

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Johansson, Didac, Galo have been attrocious, especially the full backs, they cant put a single pass together, they just hoof it up, dreadful.

Simoes needs to come on for Lambro ASAP, however even at that i cant see us comig back, we are only 1-0 down but might aswell be 5, team looks lost.

Need a big 2nd half. 

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You guys are making fortounis look like rivaldo out there.

Iraklis and larissa players must be roiling their eyes.

I would smash their heads in. Where are the leaders in this team? All i saw was a bunch of kids looking lost. They have to wake the F*** up, stay in the game and take advantage when oly start to tire. They had the game midweek not you.


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Lambro to the rescue again.......

We made the worst Olympiakos team in a very long time look like Real Madrid.

Very weak team mentally, we seen that vs Iraklis too, we had a chance to gain points while our rivals drew or lost and they couldnt take the opportunity even though it was presented to them on a silver platter.


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Why have Simoes on the bench if your not going to play him at all?

Fair enough if he is not 100% but if that is the case then dont have him on the bench, or start him and see how he goes.

The game was lost from the 1st second, the team mentally were obliterated, they looked petrified out there, amateur school kids who could barely make 3 consecutive passes.

God knows what is being done in training because form the looks of things they're chilling having some frapedakia.

The international break has come at a perfect time.

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13 minutes ago, Reaper said:

Patito was taken off because he was on course to get a red card. Pinched Figueiras' ear off the ball, than struck an Olympiacos player again in the face off the ball. The player went down but the 4th official must have missed it.

Yes he did but Mandalos was on a yellow already as example, he was the only player who looked dangerous for us, the rest did nothing. You don't take off the most dangerous player when you are down by 1,simple.

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