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On 22/09/2016 at 6:48 PM, Damianos said:

All of a sudden a bit of a danger game. With no Almeida and Mandalos it could be tricky to score. Does Lazaros come straight into the #10? Bakasetas or Aravidis up front?

I thought this might be the case. Very disappointing though, as a lot of people have said we have had so many crucial games like this over the last 15 years and never seem to make them count.... 

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We played at home the result is NOT GOOD ENOUGH if we wana win the title. 3 points are a must at home, away from home you wana avoid losing so a draw would've been good, but this home result is not good enough.

Regardless of who was missing we must be able to get the job done in OAKA.

Whays everyone's thoughts on the Lazaros penalty claim? Personally I thought it was soft but i saw a photo today and the Iraklis player had his hands all over him, but again Lazaros played at it when really he turned the guy and could've put a ball in.

I think the worst moment of the game was the 2nd half when Lazaros dummied the ball for Didac, instead of driving it across goal to Platellas he took that extra touch and God knows what he was thinking with that cross. Starting to lose patience with him very quickly, what's the story with Diaz are we ever going to see him play?

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With a half way decent striker we would have won this game and been in first place, it's that simple, we can't breakdown any defenses without a strikers. If we had someone like Djebour to be a backup for Almeida with a full pre season it would have been perfect. 

Anyways, we have a real problem creating chances, I've read many reports all season long that Ketsbaia does not work on attacking tactics in training, IF this is true, this HAS to change. Our players look lost in the final third, and all our goals have came from the individual skills of the players... It's still early but a few changes have to be made before we fall out of the title race. 

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Almeida isn't 100% but he will surely play against Oly, Mandalos the same they've said.

They also released the draw for the reminder of round 1 and most games are Saturday's. This Oly game is very important now not only cause we play them but say we lose,then we got Larisa away after them Panionios at home then we go to PAOK away so we could find ourselves behind the 8 ball early on. Our next few games after the break are very tricky. Only good thing is 2nd round we play all the big teams at home,so we need to get as many points as possible in the derbies away from home, as I said before we need to avoid losing,draws at the least.

I agree with the above we don't lack creating chances or playing good football, we lack a very clinical finisher and it showed over the weekend. Also didn't help the way Iraklis sat back and parked the bus.

Reports said yesterday we are getting a striker in January so that would be a positive thing but we can't just get anybody he needs to have a good scoring record,simple as that, getting another Chrisantus type will make us a laughing stock,pay the extras or whatever it is and show everyone we mean business. Also getting cover for CDM would be a great addition.

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