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Looks like Simoes will be starting against Veria, but Lazaros is still a question mark at this moment.

Head to head we beat Veria both times last season, but we were 1-0 down in the away match last year before winning 2-1, so we can't let our guard down. They will be hungry to cause a home upset after the thumping they copped in the openning round.

The match is on at 3am Sydney time (Sunday morning), i will be away for the weekend but will do my best to stay up for this.

Original, bravo for making the effort to try and go to as many AEK games whilst you're there.


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3 hours ago, Amorgos said:

Welcome stealth, did you ever post on greeksoccer.com?

Thanks Amorgos, yes i did post there on a few occasions, but that place went downhill fast.

Hopefully this place stays civilised, and we keep getting more AEKtzides onboard.

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Can only see 1 change to the team from last week with Simeos coming in for Lambro, don't think Ketsbaia will make any further changes and really there's no need for any other changes. 

I havent read or heard what injury Lazaros actually has, does anyone know? 

Also plenty of AEK fans making the trip up to Veria, hoping I'll be there also.

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