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A really good start. Patito, Mandalos and Chygrinskiy were our best! Galo had a bad game, Lambropoulos should not play CM!! I haven't watched Lescott in ages, I forgot he was so left side dominant. Almeida, what a goal!!!


A great win, hopefully we'll have more presence in the midfield with a fit Simoes!!!


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Firat time I have properly seen Patito play and he was unreal, some speed! Nice trickery too, should fit in nicely to replace Barbosa. We also have Lazaros to come back to so I think we are sorted on the wings.

Chyrgynskiy was a wall, besides the goal we conceded which Galo was at fault for, he was a beast.

If Almeida stays fit we may have sorted our striker issue, guy holds the ball up well and has a cannon of a left peg.

Disaapointed in our lack of control of the ball, Anestis pulled off a few great saves to stop Xanthi from getting back in it.

Lescott didnt have much to do, which is a good thing I guess. Got nutmegged but other than that was solid.

With Simoes back and Lazaros we have a lot to look forward to, besides CM it is our most complete squad since 07/08.

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Boys what an experience being in the ground.


Patito, I said from day 1 he was a talent and today he showed what he's capable of.

The tank Chygrynsky looks a top signing he was everywhere for us today.

Almeida 2nd what a F***en bomb that was.

I feel we are in for a treat this season, let's not forget Lazaros was out also imagine he played today

Ketsbaia seemed he was trying different things once he made those changes it really slows our flow down,but things can only get better!!

iv had a massive afternoon and night so will post some pics and videos on here when I get up.

Great start to the season though,bravo boys shows we mean business.

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What a nice way to start the season, and some great goals already.

Almeida just looks the goods, he is quality, and if he can stay fit and healthy, we can expect him to be a key player in the big derby's.

Chygrynsky was awesome, and his hairstyle is a bonus for the team to look even better on the field :)

Didn't notice Lescott do much, but just seeing him on the pitch in an AEK jersey was great, and i'm sure he will feature in coming matches.

Xanthi are not a crap side, they actually played ok and missed some good chances too, so to beat them 4-1 is a top result, and i really think they have the potential to take a few points away from the other big teams.

Original, you lucky prick, i wish i was there too but i will have to accept the crapy Sydney internet streams for now. Post some photos when you get a chance.



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Welcome to the forums Stealth, AEK442 and CincinattiAEK! Its great to have more AEKTZHDES brothers among us. 


Let me start by saying that I was wrong about our kits. Our squad looked sharp out there in those kits. I'd even say they looked badass! haha


As far as the game is concerned:


Almeida: Wow, he really impressed. I really expected him to be your typical not so flashy finisher, and although he has shown that thus far as well, his movements off the ball and his technique with the ball at his feet have been a pleasant surprise int he last two games. I especially love the chance we had with Mantalo where the entire play started off of a well put sentra off of Almeida to the right. Also I won't even discuss the magic of his second goal, but it really hasn't been since Blanco (possibly Brecevic but we didn't see him in the first division) that we've seen such a decisive finisher the way we saw in the first goal. If he continues to play this way and get in better shape, we have found something special in a player who has another 4 good years in him. 

Patito: This guy can be something very special for us. The simplicity and fluidity in his movements really reminds me of Scocco. 

Tsigrinski: I love this player thus far. He really reminds me of a Maistorovic and Della type player we've been looking for the last few years. Arxontiko paikths!

Mandalos: He's really turning into the leader we are looking for and you can see his confidence in front of the net slowly grow. 




I still feel that Ketspaya is making some bad mistakes in the line-up. I feel like Galo was terrible not just because of his recent injury, but because of the persistence in playing Bakaseta out of position and leaving Galo without true backup. Bakaseta has so much to offer in a more central role, and you see him stray towards the center during the match leaving a big gap in our right side. 

Lampropoulo does not have the quality to be a CB let alone a DM. When in that position, his lack of quality really stands out, from miles away. Ketspaya's persistence in putting him there is kind of worrying. 



My overall impression of the game is excitement. We haven't seen this type of fluidity in our attacking game in years! For years(especially under Della) we're used to seeing this team do anything and everything int he final third without finishing. Today we saw a team that with 2-3 good passes was creating an opportunity to score. Just imagine that we were without Simoes, CHRISTODOULOPOULO and Galo(Bakaki will start to work his way into the lineup too) was just coming off of injury, and you realize that there is a lot of potential here. 



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 For a first game we are looking good boys.

Ketsbaia has us playing a good brand of football, but I agree he needs to stop putting Lambro in the middle, it didn't work against Etienne that should've been enough. Once Simeos is fully fit we won't be seeing Lambro there, but if we do have another issue in the middle id rather see Galanopoulos given a start as the kid is a talent.

Veria away will be a good test, even though we beat them away last season we left it very late and these are the teams we need to be putting away without any problems.

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