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SL - R3: PAOK - Panaitolikos ( 11 Sep 16, 18:15 GR )


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1 minute ago, pash said:

Rodrigues is much more of a Mak replacement than Campos is.

Dokari Pereyra, off of a free kick

Agree.  It's very very early days but right now I'm feeling his wage doesn't justify his general play.  We shall see ...

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Just now, pash said:

Pelkas in for Cimirot, hopefully Pereyra gets some more service now.


This is Pelkas' first appearance in a competitive match this season, isn't it?

Hmm, I think so.  I don't recall him getting game time in the CL and EL qualifiers.

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Shitty end to the match, don't know what Varela was thinking.

I think Campos needs to sit out a match or two. Put Mistakidis in there, for Christ's sake. Klaus did manage an assist today, but I think we'd also be well served by dropping him for a few weeks if this keeps up.

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Aside from Varela's clanger (he actually had a good game beside this) it was a fairly dominant performance.  According to livescore.com we had 60% possession 19 attempts on goal (7 on target) to Panaitolikos 7 attempts (2 on target).  On another day we could have scored 6, but we still manage to give the opposition hope of pinching points.

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OK so instead of winning 3-0 we won 2-1 due to a last minute error. 

But in my opinion dont be fooled, we hit the post twice (klaus, peryrya) and missed two empty nets (biseswar, peryrya) we had mountains of possesion and they didnt really make any chances that threatened apart from one shot that went wide in the 60th -70th from the 18 yard box. 

Crespo was man of match of for me and the fact that he can play left back the way he did today makes me realise we really do have a lot of depth and i feel the off season planning done by ivic, michel seems to be perfect as i think panathaniakos  and us have the most depth. 

We usually start the league with a draw so im happy, and we move on to Fiorentina with plenty of options for a starting line up 

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WOW!!!! just watched the highlights. Should easily have been 6-1 just on the missed open goals. Biseswar and #14 had to put in a lot of effort to miss those open nets. Our defence was one of the worst last season and we have done nothing to improve. I think PAOK have a great chance to win the league this yr.

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