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SL - R3: PAOK - Panaitolikos ( 11 Sep 16, 18:15 GR )


Guess the result of the game  

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  1. 1. Guess the result of the game

    • PAOK win
    • Tie
    • Panaitolikos win

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3 minutes ago, pash said:

Shitty quality link. Infested with ads.


-edit- This is actually a game from like three years ago. NEVERMIND!

Yeah found that also.  Realised something was wrong when I heard Lino and Lazar in the lineup ha ha.

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Just now, BostonThanatos said:

Maybe it's because it's broadcast on nova?

Who knows what gods we have to appease here in Australia to get Nova here.  Do you know how many dodgy cunts with their c*** s%$#! service have created "services" in the last 10 years here in Australia.  Truly they are without shame.

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