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AEK - Saint-Etienne


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 105px-New_updated_emblem_of_AEK_Athens.j        115px-AS-Saint-Etienne.png

    AEK vs Saint-Etienne

Date - Thursday, 4th August 2016

Venue - Athens Olympic Stadium (OAKA), Athens

Competition - Europa League

Round - Third Qualifying Round

Time - 21:00 (Greece time)


2nd leg


AGG (0-0)

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This is it, hopefully OAKA is full anything less than 50,000 will be disappointing.


I'm expecting the same lineup as the first game with Almedia starting up front in place of Pekhart.


1 away goal for Saint Etienne means we will need 2 so just as crucial to keep a clean sheet as it is to get a goal. Our defense is still to concede a goal which is a bonus, need another big game from the titan Chyrgrinksiy.

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Big game for AEK and a big crowd expected also especially after seeing the lines for tickets overnight.


Need to score early to settle as the longer it goes on scoreless the more pressure will build on us and STE know 1 goal will send them through, need to stay focused, dominate/control the game and give them nothing.


I agree with Dikefale the same line up will probably start, unless Almeida is ready, if not I expect him and Pasticho to come in at some stage for us.

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I have terrible luck at European games, went to Sevilla and Omonia and we lost both.....


Reports coming in close to 30,000 sold already.


Also this game will be our 200th in Europe.

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Well it sounds like the whole bottom section is pretty much full, or the final bottom section gate is currently in the process of selling. So I'm thinking that should probably be somewhere between 20K and 30K? I never really figured out how many people the two tiers at OAKA hold. 

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any hints as to the starting 11? Will Almeida feature?


Also, where will the game be streaming? Am on vacation with gf (not a soccer fan) and want to make sure I have an iron clad rationale for getting out of whatever she has scheduled to watch the match.

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