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This was a great start for us and we held our own and got a good result. Credit to all the players they worked hard for it, Chygrynsky is a F***en tank at the back.

Return leg at home with a crowd of 50k you would hope add in Almeida ans Pasticho and we are a real chance of going through.

Bravo Aekara

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Great result, need to keep a clean sheet! Anesti made some good saves, if only Johansson went in! I doubt Pasticho will be in the squad, I'd say Almeida would be a substitute. Can't wait, we need 50k+ going crazy, make an intimidating atmosphere.

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AEKAlex welcome to the forums! Are you the Alex from the previous site?



I really like what is going on in the team right now. I don't remember too many seasons in the last 10 years where we kept as many core players in the lineup from the previous season. Not only do our players know each other better, but they had another training camp together to get in better shape.


Vargas, i hope everyone is right, but he started off on fire last season too, so i want to wait and see how his stamina holds up as time passes. 


I love the addition of experience through Tsigrinski and the risk with young Galanopoulo. What does this say about Anakoglou, that a 19 year old got playing time in a European match and he isn't even on the team anymore? I guess he just didn't want it bad enough.



Anyway, I love whats going on right now and if Patito and Almeida show up for us, with a few more additions int he winter time, we could be on to something great here.

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Hahaha, yeah its me!


Thats a great point about keeping the core players. Guys like Johansson, Simoes, etc, they're the perfect guys to build the team around. We can complain here and there about the lack of signings but the team also deserves credit for keeping so many of these players around (not easy given the state of Greek football) despite the fact they probably could have fetched some decent offers from abroad. 

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I think its Greek tradition the last decade or so to just sell/release 10 players ans sign another 10 each season and still expect miracles to happen.

Dont think we would be where we are today had it not been for the viking Johansson and the moped Simoes

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The result last week was massive but we need forward and now give 150% focus to the return leg as it wont be easy and 1 goal from STE and we are F***ed. Hoping we can get atleast 50K in OAKA anything less for me is a disappointment considering its our first game back at home in Europa and the team needs all the support they can get.


Looking at the way Ketsbaia is doing things I really feel we have a good coach at the helm who knows how to get things done and knows how to get the result needed, this is why I wanted him as soon as Poyet was sacked. Giving Gala game time last week was something other coaches didn't do (Dellas & Poyet) so its good to see him giving them the chance but also having the balls to make the decision, this is what makes a good coach.


Also agree with the above guys, we need to keep our core players, we wont be going anywhere if we sell players like Johanssen, Simeos as examples. If these guys have another top season their value goes up and I can really see us getting good money for them when its time to sell.

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115px-AS-Saint-Etienne.png        105px-New_updated_emblem_of_AEK_Athens.j   

    Saint-?tienne vs AEK

Date - Thursday, 28th July 2016

Venue - Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, Saint-?tienne

Competition - Europa League

Round - Third Qualifying Round

Time - 21:00 (Greece time)


1st leg



+1 on cool looking intro, Dikefale11.  Much better than just a bit of text.

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