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On 9/14/2022 at 6:31 PM, Mitsos said:

It's official, Alan Pardew is the next coach of Aris. I said previously that Karipidis needed to hire a known coach and he did, hats off to him.  Pardew knows many of the players on this roster and I can only assume that the managerial office, based in England, Aris used this offseason to acquire players had a hand in the hiring of the new coach.  Now stay out of his way, give him TIME, and allow him to do his job.

The life is cruel sometimes, as he acquired overrated ugly coaching master Pardew that I don't like nor value. After Savas Pantelidis, the most annoying one, at least to me. You have confidence, you had a victory over Oly, and you bench Gray suddently and you start Peersman on CD. WTF I have just witnessed tonight?? Overconfident to win Volos regardless of the 2nd stopper or stupid, there is no third option?!

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