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2016 - 2017 Season

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I am really looking forward to the greek league this year. Panathinaikos, Paok, Aek, and Olympiacos all have realistic chances of winning the league.  

Olympiacos are the favorites; they are the defending champs, with the best team chemistry.  Perhaps not making too many signings will help them maintain unity and familiarity, underrated components of successful teams.  However, they don't have very much talent compared to previous years.

Panathinaikos have the best roster, on paper.  Since there are so many new signings, team chemistry may be an issue.  We have started the season very well, however, and I really like our coach.

AEK also have some very good players, with good depth in most positions.  If the CDMs (Simoes and Johannson) are out through injury/suspension, however, they don't have adequate replacements. Being knocked out of European competition may help their title chances, since they will be less fatigued and suffer from less injuries.

PAOK have the most depth; they can field 2 decent squads. They lack a player who can score/create out of nothing, however (like Robery Mak, Vierinha etc...).


Overall, the league should be tightly contested this year.  It will go down to the wire.  

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Veroia is in danger of being kicked out of Superleague after failing to receive a license, since the transfer of shares from Karypidis to the new owner can't be verified. Karypidis had to get rid of his Veroia shares after taking over Aris. 

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MD 4:

Σάββατο 17/09 16:00 Ξάνθη – Πανιώνιος
Σάββατο 17/09 18:15 Πλατανιάς – Λεβαδειακός
Σάββατο 17/09 20:00 Βέροια – ΑΕΚ

Κυριακή 18/09 16:00 Παναθηναϊκός-ΠΑΣ Γιαννινα
Κυριακή 18/09 18:15 Ατρόμητος-Παναιτωλικός
Κυριακή 18/09 18:15 Κέρκυρα – Λάρισα
Κυριακή 18/09 20:30 Ηρακλής – ΟΣΦΠ

Δευτέρα 19/09 19:30 Αστέρας Τρίπολης-ΠΑΟΚ

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Looks like Superleague will not resume this weekend. They just can't make their mind. What a joke.

There was no ban to support. It was just a temporary stoppage. In any case I support a complete stoppage. I would prefer to just cancel this season and not start the 2017-18 season unless things get fixed. And that means holding EPO elections that were blocked by a FIFA coup last month. Also in that time frame all the legal issues should come to trial, so once in for all these legal issue can't be used by different people to push their own agenda. I know, this will never happen, but I can dream.

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Call me crazy but it honestly seems like FIFA/UEFA put a hold on these EPO elections as they new one of their own wouldn't be the top man. I don't trust Theodoridis, Infantino or this Cypriot m#$%! that's been sent to make the changes.

How is it that this s%$#! constantly happens in Greece and nothing is ever done about it? To me it shows UEFA/FIFA are on the take big time.

Blackhawk I agree with you, the league shouldn't be re-started and a massive clean out is needed, especially those who have charges against them and still have involvement in Football.

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^^^ He prob wanted the ban as he has too many injuries to deal with so another week would help him out lol

They can have as many bans as they want, each season we see the same old s%$#!, bans, delays, stoppage of matches for violence, evidence of match fixing, bribery & extortion and yet we are still in the same position we've been in for the last few years.....

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