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7 hours ago, athinaios said:

2. the monarchy is an anachronism,  taxpayer-funded spectacle that should not have survived into the 21st c.

Preach! Talking about the worlds richest welfare recipients, its so heinous it is downright hellacious.

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On 3/13/2021 at 3:12 AM, athinaios said:

I think...

1. Brexit may prove that the UK is a political union of the past; it's breakup is necessary now. Free Scotland, and not only.

2. the monarchy is an anachronism,  taxpayer-funded spectacle that should not have survived into the 21st c.

Been calling for the Scots to be set free for a while now. Their last referendum in 2014 saw 44.7% say they want to leave - I am sure it will be higher now.

Not sure where the opinion on the monarchy came from. Is it related to something in particular? In any case, it's a business.

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