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Big win and massive confidence boost for us,good to see Mandalos finding his form again at the perfect time. Platellas had a good game also considering he hasn't seen the field in a while.

We had 3 penalty claims, I'd say 2 were penalties for sure,but we got the 3 and that's all that matters.

Onto next match vs PAO, must avoid losing there a draw is a good result but a win there could gives us a good lead over the rest.

Bravo Aekara

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A few things I want to comment on:

1. Bakasetas. This kid has a wicked left foot on him, I haven't seen a left foot that good in Greece since Rivaldo. We need to sign that kid ASAP, I would love to see what he could do playing with Mantalos.

2. After a 50-50 ref performance for the final, we were denied 2 clear penalties today by the ref and got the short end of the stick on all questionable foul calls. I think a certain fat pig is pissed about the final...

3. Since Poyet left we've seen Mantalos, Djebour, and Johanson play much much better back in their natural positions. Whoever the next coach is must surely not mess around with any of those guys' positions.

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Thats an interesting way of calculating Amorge!

I too would like to see Bakasetas signed, where would he play however?? Surely it would be a great thing depth wise but would be start over Mandalos? does he play on the wings?

Nice point about Poyets departure, Mandalos has definitely stepped his game up, maybe Manolas has given him that freedom, we are a different team when he playes, take the game vs Paok for example we barely created 1 chance besides the lucky goal. Ive never seen Djebbour run so much and track back, its like he's reborn. Johansson is just back to his consistent ways.

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We played really well especially in the 2nd half. Platellas impressed me a lot and definitely deserves more playing time. We should have also had two clear penalties which would have won us the game much earlier. I am a big fan of bakasetas, I just hope we sign him. He has said he is a an AEK fan so that might help us signing him, it is also very important to have players that support the club like aravidis, players that can represent the club and have passion when the play for us.

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Good points boys about the players and them lifting with Poyet leaving. Djebbour has been a different players and Johanssen has been his normal self, platellas also did well today given the lack of time he's been given but with Vargas out and Barbosa missing another 2 games I think it is he will surely get more time.

That Bakasetas can hit a ball,some of those shots were rockets thankfully Anestis was on his good day considering the one he copped midweek,but if we could get Bakasetas and Vellios dam we would be a threat and adding a CB also, but those 2 you'd have to go all out for them as they can make a difference and would take pressure off Mandalos at times.

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