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Hope that Melissanidis will spend some $$$$ this summer and put pressure on Savvidis and Alafouzos.


What will your win mean for the play-offs? Have you taken the best "qualifying spot" for the Europa League? I.e is the CL-spot in the play-offs the only thing that's worth fighting for? 

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Yes the only thing to play for is Champions league spot. However, I'd rather not get that spot, and hope Sevilla win the Europa League, and the Copa Del Rey, so we can automatically qualify for the group stages of the Europa League. Otherwise, it will be very hard for us to qualify because our UEFA coefficient is one of the worst around.

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Bravo AEKARA!!



What a great story.  


I am Olympiakos but always I liked AEK.  


I like seeing other teams win sometimes.  This league needs competition my god.  

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That photo of Chori when all is said and done is what football is all about and I take my hat off to him. Roberto is another class act for olympiakos.

But this is one kypello that will stay in our history with special significance considering what we been through and who we also beat and don't forget players adapting to 3 coaches in 1 season, we faced a lot of things good and bad but today we stood tall and took it to them and got what we deserved.

Only s%$#! thing was no crowd imagine having them inside to celebrate it with, but the scenes in Filadelphia looked insane.

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I am so proud of our players, they gave everything to win this and our players wanted more than there's. Many people are upset there were no fans put that might of helped us. I do think if their were oly fans there fans would have urged them to play better cause they were playing appalling and there players would have played with more urgency. I no you could say the same for us but it is our ground and we do play their every home game so we had the advantage even though there were no fans. Btw girtzikis showed how bikramemos he was and showed he didn't want us to win. Also theothoridis and siovas are a joke too, just bad looses, we were the better team and we deserved to win it.

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Girtzikis is a loser, did anyone hear his interview after the match? Sore loser nothing more.


Savvas has egg on his face for saying he wants aek in the kypello then we will see who the best is.


Siovas another yifto and sore loser.


The only 2 players who are worthy of respect in that team are Roberto and Chori.

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Aravvidis is clearly taken with the club--not too much in the skills department but you gotta love his energy!

Cheers file and yeah definitely, he plays with so much passion and loves the club so much. I can't remember an AEK player playing with so much passion, maybe stelios manolas or nikolaidis only. And yeah he isn't the most talent of players but he is still a valuable player, he does work very hard.  

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