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AEK - Olympiakos


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Beat these guys twice. Their only two losses of the year in Greece. Game was nothing spectacular but also not decided by the ref. Everything was fairly straightforward. Djebbour not only scored but also actually ran when not on the ball. Shocking to see. A cup win is a nice reward first season back considering the poor form the squad has been in the past month or so and the coaching nonsense.

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Gavros played like they just want to get it over. No passion, no emotions... oh and of course Sidiropoulos did a great job too.

Congratulations to the AEKtzides. Now that you've won the kypello there's no need to win the playoffs anymore. ;)

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PAME AEK! Great result. The ref was good, Vargas with both assists. Hopefully this gives us confidence for the playoffs!!! Massive game against Panionios on Friday!Happy I got up for it, almost 4am here!

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Bravo to the boys, and to Manolas, wasnt the best of finals but probably one of our most important ones.


Also bravo to the boys across the world who stayed up till the early hours to watch, thats dedication right there! So props to yous!


One of the best views all day was seeing Kasami nearly burst into tears axxxxxxxxxx Karma is a motherF***er!





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