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Sidiropoulos is the best referee Greece can offer, though he does some mistakes too, he is a good (and neutral *caugh*) overall referee.

Although there's still a possibility that the linesman has received some fakelakia from the fat one...

However, good luck guys. I hope you'll win.

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20 minutes gone we have created 0 chances, giving Olympiakos too much time on the ball.

Yeah, you guys play too defensive. Gavros is absolutely clueless and doesn't know what to do with their <70% possession.

You need to risk more. They're beatable.

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Gavros 0-1 AEK


Mandalos 38'


Nothing spectacular for a final, the lack of fans playing a big part on that.


Game wise nothing special either, few chances here and there, no major chances for Oly, Mandalos took the header well.

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Great save by Anesti, Djebbour was through on goal, got brought down in the box. The defender didn't get the ball but I don't think it was a penalty. Oly 65% AEK 35% possession. Huge 2nd half! Simoes yellow and Aravidis yellow which worries me...

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