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Sure we have been utter garbage at times this season and his investment would improve the team but we still wouldn't finish first because of the usual...


Like the time that Pateras came and put euros in the team and Pana didn't win the league..... oh wait....




Edited because I found out that it was not just the league but also the cup won in the same year.

Edited by Irakleio97
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Whoever supports alafouzos has lowered the Panathinaikos standards to a level that is the same with teams the likes of xanthi platanias panaitolikos etc.

These teams have no aspirations of achieving anything in particular.

An outing to europe would be an accomplishment for all the above.

Imagine Panathinaikos the team who has reached a final, two semi-finals and numerous times to the final 8 in european competition to think like that!

How low can we go?

Alafouzos is the nemesis of this team and he needs to go NOW!

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Renovations in Toronto on their soccer stadium are being done in 2 phases in the off season only with the team starting on long away games schedule to complete the work. So the timetable and when the work gets done is based on the nature of the work.

I see no issues on this front, unless things don't start after the playoffs.

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