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Almost forgot about the game this weekend. We play Sunday at 5pm Greek time (I think.) it's the same time everyone in the league plays. We need to win the next 3 games in a row to build confidence before the playoffs. If start






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I hate International break but I think it came at a good time for AEK as we were slowly dipping in form while others were finding form.


Must win game as PAOK play Panionios and there is a chance we can extend our lead and also get an extra point for the playoffs.


Good line up above Original only doubt I think is Tzane, as much as we want him to start I don't think Poyet will start him, instead Arzo will start but I hope I am wrong as I wana see Tzane getting game time now.


Other than that what you have above will likely be the team to start.

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Maybe he has been busting his ass in training over the last 2 weeks... Or maybe poyet knows he needs him for the playoffs and can build his confidence against the worste team in the league.

Either way, I'm surprised.

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We are gonna finish 5th if our players don't get their heads out of their asses and actually give a damn. Same with Poyet, he needs to get his head out of his ass and realize that Djebour is a retired player.

By the way, we need a new topic starter, switch it up a little bit.

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No they are 5th but depends on how many they are docked which will pretty much decide if they are there or will have to battle it out with Platanias and Tripoli, if they lose 5 points then they are only 1 point infront of Platanias and 2 infront of Tripoli so all to play for.... I think PAOK will get there looking at their run home but wont right off Tripoli as both their last 2 games are at home, so will be interesting

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