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Friendly: Greece-Iceland(29 March 2016, Giorgos Karaiskaki, Piraeus)


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lets assume it happens for 1-2 years...


no greek teams in europe...no NT matches...


domestic league at the level of Armenian league .


FIFA ranking in 2018 is 145


UEFA coefficient is 33....



then what?  suddenly there will be an epiphany in 2018 and the revamped GSL will become what???


Greece will still be broke....


so we will find 14 tycoons to finance new revamped clubs??  in a country that you can'T build a stadium or a road?


all this stems from the perception that 'it worked in England 20 years ago"...

 Greece is like no other country...


and what happens in Round 1 2018 if Olympiakos beats AEL or Trikala 2-0 with a penalty?


and AEK lose to OFI??



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Does Tzavellas play in the mids or strictly LB. I know Skibbe likes playing Stafy further in?


He's been playing mostly as a CB for PAOK, I don't think I've ever seen him as a midfielder. Stafylidis was played as a DM last game, but I think that was his only time - vs Montenegro he was at his normal LB position.


Between the two, I'd still rather see Stafylidis in that position.

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I don't like Tzavella because of his pseudo manga attitude. He is a reliable player in that he is okay defensively, but it all goes out of the window with his temper. I probably could not get along with him and Maniatis. That would be too many pseudo manges at one place! Myself included!


lol the ethiniki needs a lil tsabouka brother. remember the fight between tzavella and maniati happened after the colombia game. we went on to pick up 4 points from japana and ivory coast right after. they injected some testosterone and passion into the room if you ask me.

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