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At last, a good proposal for the Greek soccer

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He may be right or wrong BUT atleast he is making suggestions while others fix matches and fill their pockets.


It SHOULD NOT be left to owners of clubs to improve the league, this is EPO and the Super League job to do and what have they done? F*** all as they seem to enjoy having a mediocre league where we are laughed at by the rest of the world.

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One of the many problems of Greek soccer is the fact that the last 60+ years only four teams  (and Larisa after a mini civil war) have won a championship.  Recently, minus a short interval when PAO spent real money and then went bankrupt, OSFP dominated the league year after year.  These championships are becoming boring; we could as well watch the Christians fight (so to speak) the lions.  If one looks at other leagues, one would see models that try to to make sure that the differences between the clubs remain small.  E.g.,


1) In the USA (la fuente de toda sabiduria) the professional leagues impose upper/lower limits to the money that every team in the league can/must spend.


2) As of 2013 the Bundesliga adopted rules concerning income sharing from advertising.  The new rules aim to help financially the teams that need infusions of moolah in order to remain competitive.


Who, with a working mind, would like to follow a championship such that the outcome is known before the season starts?  And what would be the value of a championship won against teams that could not afford to be competitive?

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Why does he have to admit it for Reaper? Because that old c*** Savvas asked him, that m**** shouldn't even speak he is a disgrace to football, running to refs asking for games to be called off when his team is down.


As for Meli, never once have I said he is clean, if you get involved in Greek Football you have to have a dark side to you, was told this by ex AEK keeper who lives in Sydney now.


If Meli did control the league no it wouldn't be clean BUT it wouldn't be to the disgrace that it is now, the state we are in now is a disgrace. Was the league this bad in the 90s? No, was there corruption? Yes certainly but again it wasn't to this extent that's the difference.

Lastly what Meli does with his personal business shouldn't be an issue in Football, tell me which guy involved in oil and gas isn't dirty? you think Roman Abramovic is clean? They are all the same s%$#! in that game.

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The Bulgars and the Bulgar slayers.

  1. The Byzantine Emperor Basil II Porphyrogenitus (958-1025) ) was/is known as the Bulgar Slayer (in Greek Βουλγαροκτόνος),

  2. The fans ın Attica used to call .the fans of PAOK Bulgars. The latter responded by saying “Thus the Bulgars screw you!“.

  3. A true Bulgar went to Salonica for the match of Ares -ΠΑΟΚ (Ares won).

  4. After went to have a coffee. There he was attacked by 20+ PAOK hooligans; masked, carrying iron clubs.

  5. The Bulgar tried to run away but he was hit by a car which ran over his body. Apparently the driver and the gentlemen with the clubs were members of the the same PAOK members of clubs carrying In the sequence,the car ran over his body. by a car hit him and ran over him. Apparently the driver of the car and the club-carrying-gentlemen are members of the same commando.

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