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Iraklis vs AEK

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We play again on Sunday against iraklis for the 4th time this year. They are coming off a huge win against PAOK and we are coming off of the derby win against Olympiakos. In years past AEK would follow up a derby win with a loss in an easier game, hopefully that doesn't happen. Aravidis and Galo are out of this game with suspensions so expect rotation.






It's going to be very tough for Poyet to decide on this lineup because one of Vargas, Mantalos, or Zuculini will need to be left on the bench and they are all great players. I'd start Mantalos in this game because he roasted Iraklis in every game this year, and he's out of the Panathinaikos and Asteras games with a suspension.

Hopefully Pekhart can start scoring some goals because we need him against Panathinaikos and Asteras soon.

Panathinaikos plays PAOK this week so hopefully they tie or PAOK wins so we can widen our gap from Panathinaikos.

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Ela I been waiting all week for this thread to be made by you Original hahahaha


As for the game, I have mixed feelings, Iraklis are a good side, we have won there in the kypello but I think the 1st leg result took the wind out of them but they had a big win last week so they will want to continue that form they have found, very tricky game in my opinion. Our away form has been much better also so we shouldn't over look that.

As for the line up I think he will go with what you have above, Mandalos will surely start since he will miss the PAO match. I also think Pekhart will get his 1st start, unless Poyet shows faith in Djebbour but lately that hasn't been the case.


Zuculin had a very quiet game last weekend, so if he starts hopefully he can get himself more involved and show us what he has to offer us, as he seems a good talent but need to see more of him with the ball.....

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Such an important game for us, must win with Panathinaikos next week! We have been in this position a few times this season where we could have extended our lead but we lost.

Surely Baroja will start over Anesti after he played last week. We need to find a way to win, I don't care how!

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I would say a draw isn't a bad result but with PAO next week we need to get the 3 points now and also next week to give us some breathing space and will pretty much guarantee us 2nd spot, easier said than done but after last week's win surely that's given the players new hope and confidence that they can beat anyone in their way....


Damianos, I like Baroja but there were times last week he almost gave me a heart attack lol Anestis has proved to be much better than we all thought, he has done very well in 2016, o it will be interesting to see who gets to start.....

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