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The 70s-80s-90s Music thread has been quite popular, but there has been music made since then you know. Since I'm one of the younger posters, most of the music I listen to is post 2000.


Don't bother posting hip-hop/rap songs, since there is already a separate threat for that.


I'll get the ball rolling:


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This is a song I first heard on the cartoon Digimon. One of the favourites of our eldest son:

Later in Greece I heard this song. The tempo is slightly different. I do not know which song came first.

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Metric out of Toronto


heavy Depeche Mode influence on this album


Not really a fan of remixes.  I thought this one was good though.  I like the tortured intro.


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Kraftwerk - some of the (wierd) grand daddies of electronic music.  Oh those joyless Germans, lol.



And one of the best electronic music songs ever made.


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Starting with depeche mode, I have always been a huge fan of the electronic music movement.

Who remembers freestyle?

Oakenfold is the granddaddy of trance and imo KING.

The Heineken music thirst worldwide tours were epic.

The crazy parties across the European fields and beaches are ingrained in My DNA.

southern sun is a song that I relate to very much.

Awesome vocals by Carla.

Perfecto Records.

To this day still love the full on fluoro mixes.

Oakenfold is king! He left the scene for a while to make music for movies but he's back mixing again. He hosts a podcast called trance around the wold. Beautiful music and they're 2 hr sets.

What kind if freestyle are you talking about? Stevie B, Cynthia, Lil Suzy freestyle???

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Trance used to be so good in the 90s to early 2000s but the likes of Tiesto, Armin van Burren and Ferry Corsten killed it and turned it into pop music. It's the new electro house. 



Back in the good old days (1997 to be exact): 




This one is also good but trance had already become pop music by then (2004): 




Nowadays I listen to mostly underground techno from guys like Adam Beyer and Chris Leibing along with underground tech house and deep house, something that makes me feel my internal organs vibrating at a rave. 


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