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The biggest game of the season is here. We play Saturday at 1930 Greek time at home against Olympiakos. We can't lose, we need at least a point. I expect at least 50,000 fans to be at the game which will be a boost to the players. We are coming off of a pitiful performance against Atromitos that will surely haunt us at the end of the season but we need to move on.

For the derby I'd go with:






We are really missing Barbosa on the wings badly and Galo has played further up at Panaitolikos when he played with Bakakis. Bakakis is a little better defensively than Galo, and Galo can help cover Bakakis.

We are going to need to a big tall striker in Pekhart to try and unlock their defense and threaten from a set piece. However, we also need Aravidis because of the great energy and passion he brings to the team and the goals he's scored.

Simoes back in the lineup helps us a lot, Zuchulini was the only player that played well against Atromitos but our three midfielders are irreplaceable when available. We also need Mantalos to play like he did in the three games before the Atromitos game, he sucked yesterday but I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was tired after 10 games in 33 days.

We can not, under any circumstances, play Arzo. The man is absolute trash. Out Labropoulos back in because we need his speed in the back line.

I'm not expecting much, I just hope they do not get embarrassed.

P.S. We are most likely going to have fans for this game, but not the Panathinaikos game, our fans need to be civilized X

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What I have noticed is that without Simeos in the team we struggle, against Oly when he got taken off it was 1-0, which became 4-0


Last weekend vs Atromitos he was out and we lost.


For me he does a whole heap of work for us which we seem to rely on, so hopefully he is on his game this weekend.


I read last night that Barbosa is trying his hardest to make the game, would be great to have him playing.


Is anyone confident we can end their unbeaten run? I feel we can do it BUT it will take a massive effort from all the players.

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Our cb's are the weakest link this year, you guys might be able to get a goal or two, but I don't feel you have the firepower to match us in a free flowing game. Expect to see another snoozer like our game last week, unless you guys don't stay tight at your own end, in that case things can get ugly.

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I actually think it will be an open game with both teams going at it for the win, or so I imagine lol


I agree about your defence, we can really trouble you BUT it also depends who we play up top.


It will really be a battle of the midfield in my opinion, whoever can control that may favour them to win the game.


Our defence also has its moments so hopefully this weekend they are all on their game.


We need an early goal to settle us down, if we go behind early then there will a lot of pressure on the players....


Lastly I just hope no m*****es happen and this game is played with no issues.

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I think he is the only one injured from what I have read. But he is trying to get fit for the game so who knows if Poyet will risk him or not.


Mandalos out straight swap with Zucu I would say.


I like the line up Amo but I cant see Diego starting over Vargas and I also see Arzo starting even though he is too slow and s%$#!.....


I would throw Pekhart on with about 25 mins to go and just get the ball in the box to him and trouble the Oly defence

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I just read that Poyet is considering a 5-3-2 formation, whether its true or head games, the only part of that I like is the fact we would have 2 guys upfront, Ara and Pekhart would be good as it gives you 2 different dimensions going forward. One a target man (Pekhart) the other will run and chase everything down in his sight (Ara)


If we get manage to get an early goal that would be great as the players will settle down and the crowd will also lift them and they will not have as much nerves and less fear of making a mistake and being the one to cost the team a goal....


So much riding on this game for both sides, I hope it lives up to the expectations we all have.

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Not sure if its head games Poyet is playing or if he is serious but that's what I read in an article. I think it will be a battle of the middle and whoever controls the middle will most likely win. The 5-3-2 he is planning I would say would turn into a 3-5-2 in attack so the only issue for me is if we lose the ball and don't get back in time Oly will hurt us in those gaps left by the right & left wing backs....

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We need 4 in the back. 3 will not cut it.

I would start djibbour. He is an @sshole but I think he has something to prove against oly.

Only hope I have for this game is that, other than a derby, oly doesn't care about this game. We need the points and maybe that motivation gives us the edge to go after the ball and pressure them. Maybe we squeak out a 1-0 or 2-1. But my feeling is that we pull out a draw.

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Kalogeropoulos is the ref for this game, the same guy that called off the game in Leoforos...

He was actually the 4th official in that game.

And he was the Red that called off the game against the Gavro last year in OAKA... Isn't he under investigation for match fixing as well??? How convenient... Pure coincidence right?

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Guys when you say Oly have nothing to play for and will have one eye on their midweek Europa tie I don't agree, they have an undefeated record they want to keep intact and the last team they want the streak to end to would be against AEK. Yes they will have one eye on midweek but they will certainly not want to lose this game to us, no way in hell.


Good to see Barbosa will be back, we missed him last weekend and he now knows what this derby means to us AEK fans.

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I agree they won't care, but if you ask any Oly fan what's more important, AEK or Anderlecht you know what they'll all say. The league was won a long time ago, they'll get more money from advancing in Europe. That's not to say I don't think they'll try, I just think they may be a bit preoccupied, hopefully...

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