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God bless this kid... there aren't many like him...

He's the ONLY one (Berg included) that BLEEDS for this damn team... the only one who KNOWS what it MEANS to play for this team...  If the bastards on the team had a QUARTER of the heart this guy had... We would win the champions league....  

Our management is a PIECE of s%$#!!   They offered him a contract which was laughable... it was an absolute joke and a disgrace to a man who gives it his all every single game...  Then they turn around and give KOUTROUBI a massive salary increase with EXTREME bonus incentives!!  The same meat head who hangs us out to dry each game and can't be bothered to play half the time....

Not to mention our "medical staff" (the previous one).. almost ended Leto's career...  More is becoming available about Leto's condition/knee... Turns out that this guy was taking PAIN KILLERS just to play...  typically narcotics are not allowed, so he was either taking coritsone shots or high dose NSAIDs to play...  

Basically were zapping even more years off his career...

The new medical staff has given him a new strength/conditioning program which have relieved his symptoms and he is off the painkillers thankfully... supposedly he's actually able to COMPLETE a FULL PRACTICE (madness that he wasn't able to complete a practice before!!)

Mind you... the "doctor" was Alafouzo's personal friend and despite Anastasiou and possibly Stramma wanting to get rid of him... they kept him around... and hence all t he injuries and PISS poor conditioning....

What they have done to this club is CRIMINAL.....  every more I read about this club... the more I'm disgusted and turned off.... This is why we never go places and we only make enemies... we treat our players like GARBAGE....

Karagouni... Alafouzo enemy

Gilberto... ousted for no reason

Leto.. BULLShIT contract given and trying to end his career

Cisse... didn't even bother picking up the phone to talk to him when he wanted to play for almost free 

Katsourani... another scapegoat

Dabiza.. Alafouzo personal vendetta and ousted

And yet we lick the balls of the likes of Taki Fyssa who was the worst TD in PAO history EVER....   


One word... DISGUSTED...

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Personally, I think his ability on the field is limited given his condition of his knee and should be reserved as a bench player 


However out of PURE PRINCIPLE... you HAVE TO KEEP HIM and let him finish his career here.... there's no question in my mind that is the right thing to do...  Everything else is pure bullshit...  

I mean.. i just read my post over again.. and I get more aggravated... 

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Have to agree with what you wrote Freezer, the guy gives more 100% each time he puts your jersey on. We all wish our rosters (PAO and AEK) would show that same passion he does.

You mentioned Karagounis also and when I heard they were letting him go I was also shocked the guy gave his all each time he got on the pitch for PAO. The least they could've done with him was keep him as a squad player and let the younger ones learn form him, we don't see many players with the passion Karagounis had these days.

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Just now, Pana97 said:

Nope. Not too many young guys that play for the fanela today. Its all about tats and money. 

Pana I remember having arguments with PAO mates of mine who said we cant keep Karagounis and he's too old etc etc but what they don't realise is just having him there in the squad gives the other ones the same passion and moral he has. I know its a different class and league but United kept Scholes til his late 30s, hell they even had him come out of retirement and Giggs especially until his 40th, those guys bleed for their jersey and the things they pass down to young ones is what counts. Shame people don't see it that way anymore.

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Yeah, it was a crime to not resign Karagounaros. Even if he was to come in for a few minutes or on rotation for cup games. I also think he should have a post within the club now. As for Leto, I heard he's willing to take the same salary (I think it's $250k year) and even pro-rated based on games he plays. He's prone to injury, so this would be a good arrangement, that is, he gets bonus money for playing certain number of games, so his salary can be low. They should keep him. Every institution should reward those who have given their best.

PAO, and other orgs, lose institutional memory when there are too many people who come an go while only few, if any, stay for a long(er) time. Who are those who have been with the team the longest? Is there anyone there for more than 4-5 years?

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31 minutes ago, jvc said:

Not a big deal....him being captain shows how low PAO has become!

Zeca has put in a lot of good years for PAO and bleeds green. You need to realize this isn't Fifa 17 career mode and be realistic. Greece has no money, poor coaching, fields that are xorafia,plenty of fan violence, and players aren't getting paid. Why on earth would a good quality coach or player want to step foot in greece? All you do on these forums is bitch and criticize. I don't like how the club is being run and miss the good PAO days but the wealthy Greeks don't want to take charge of PAO. If a suitor was interested he would of bought the team from alafouzos already. Pateras and Vgenopoulos got all the fans to turn against tzigger and than they turned their backs and ran like little girls to let the club fall apart. 

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