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SL-R21: Olympiakos Piraeus - PAOK FC (07-Feb-16, 19:30 GR


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Chatzisias was awesome, cimircok was the best player on park (hes best perfomance for paok) . Tziolis was terrible for the first 15 minutes then really picked up his game and was very solid. 


I think vitor has plataeu and does not have much more improvement in here, obviously this is a broad statement that could be looked at in heaps of different ways but the first goal was his fault and he doesnt make you feel safe at the back like quality centre backs do. 


Klaus and Berba were both useless, pelkas tried but not good enough. 


Kitsiou was very good, tzavella did his job until his red card. 


Vellidis and pas hit the lottery with the reported 750k euro transfer. 


Golasa would be a good player for panionios or iraklis, sabo is one of the worst players in paok's history we really missed rodrigues and im still spewing and dont understand why we didnt sign a number 10 

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Ha ha.  I was just going to ask how Chatzisias played.  Thanks for the post PAOKSYD.  I was also thinking that Vitor's time might be up.  He's been a decent player, without ever being great.  As you say, I've never felt 100% with him at the back there.  Was Vellidis that bad ?  Surely he can't be worse than Olsen.  But, for the reported transfer fee you'd like to think he's better than Glykos ...


As far as signing a number 10 goes, I can only assume the one's we liked didn't want to play for us.  It's tricky to sign a quality number 10, that's in form, during the Christmas transfer period.  Sabo, well, I only hope he does a Tzavellas next season and improves immensely.  Tzavellas was for the tip last season.  He's been very good this season.

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Under the circumstances we played a good game, even though it looked bleak after they scored. Cimirot and Chatziisias our best players. Everybody else just average.


Officiating as usual in an Olympiakos game just laughable.


We have a more important game on Thursday.

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I thought Kitsiou looked very good as well. Skondras did all right, especially considering he was playing as LB. Chatziisias played like he had something to prove, which was refreshing.


Also - it ended better than I would have thought, all things considering.

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The tricky thing is picking who is "best".


When Stevens was manager it was Kitsiou although Skondras wasn't given a chance and I'm not sure if Konstantinidis was in the senior team.


When Anastasiadis was manager it was Skondras.  Kitsiou went missing and Konstantinidis wasn't given much of a chance.


With Tudor, Skondras has really regressed.  Kitsiou has upped his form and is a bit more consistent.  Konstantinidis was the best before his injury.


It would help if their form was more consistent, although to be fair to Kitsiou and Konstantinidis they are still developing.

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