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Game on Sunday at 15:00 Greek time at home against Veria. We need a win to keep our momentum and our lead over PAOK and Panathinaikos. Some players are going to be tired after Thursday's game, mostly our midfield, so I'm not expecting a great performance. I still expect a win nonetheless.






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Second dokari Veria at the end. My stream wasn't great but I think Anesti made a good save onto the post for the first!

Watching the game, as soon as we scored the 2nd we stopped playing and let the attack. No stand out players, I can see why Aravidis starts over Djebbour, when he came on he was just walking around...

Nothing special, 3 points and we move on. A tricky game away at Atromitos next week, another must win!

Good to see Platellas get some game time!

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I saw the 1st half but my stream was pretty s%$#!, we hardly did anything in the 1st half then out of nowhere bang 1-0 Vargas again, as much as we all give it to him he has turned out to be a decent signing.


Another 3 points and a bigger gap on PAOK, those 2 home losses hurt though as we would be 10 infront of PAO if we hadn't lost those 2 games, but we move on 8 from 8 (5 in a row in the SL) and the team is coming along very well, I just hope he mixes the line up in the next week so the players don't get burnt out  as we have a few big games coming up then the playoffs.....


Im sure there will be a few who whinge we got another penalty again so late in the game, I think Meli had over 2.5 goals in his multi like me so the penalty was given so we could both cash in :) :) :)

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