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In my teens in London, UK, the head of the MET Police came out said the majority (80%!!) of street muggings in London according to stats were committed by young black males. I don't know about the US, but here in the UK, that meant it made sense to stop and search back youths more than whites or asians. Of course the black community went ballistic when he said this; said he is racist, they are the real victims etc etc but still - was hardcore.. The MET chief was in no way racist, in fact he did much to make the force more ethnic, but because he released these statistics.. everyone went crazy.




Are the statistics the same in the US?


Yes they are, and yet they are always bitching about profiling and institutional racism. In reality the majority of them are violent and their communities as well as crime statistics are evidence of this. 


The politically correct media (as with muslims) try their hardest to remove color from a BLATANT reality. For example the "Knock out game". When media describes it they say something along the lines of " A group of youths assaulted an elderly women while playing the Knock out game" They always use terms like "violent youths" or "young teens" or something just as vague to describe what is, in reality, overwhelmingly comprised of blacks hitting random white people in the street. 


The best is when you go into Real Estate do's and do nots on behalf of black people. Real Estate agents aren't even allowed to comment on how good a school district is for a family moving in because it would be bee seen as an indication of how many black or minority kids attend the school. You can't even mention whether a neighborhood is safe or else youll be stripped of your license and fined. HOWEVER it is totally okay for people to use the term "the neighborhood needs to be diversified" or it is "diversifying" when talking about a predominantly white neighborhood. We all see how well "diversification" worked out in Detroit lol


Lastly, as far as white privilege is concerned, is there any bigger form of privilege than government housing and unionized government jobs? Walk into any Public sector branch from the DMV, to Healthcare offices, to the Department of Licencing and TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE......olloi mauroi 


The best example is the Whitestone Expressway DMV in New York. The surrounding areas are predominantly made up of white people, south east asians, some hispanics, and even fewer black people, and yet the DMV is filled with black workers. 

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Guys just let the people debate, there are some good points being made.


Personally I do consider most rap as music. But some of it, such as songs like "Ma nigga", is not worthy of being called music. Like I said I like SOME rap, but not all and I don't approve of the culture associated with it.

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@ Koro, I feel the same way. Some rap is good. Some rap I can see the skill in. But most of it is a fabrication that thrives on the black community's love for violence and illegitimacy. How many wannabe "gangsta" rappers are there, or even better, how many homophobic undercover homosexual rappers are there? Haha more than you'd think. 


Ja Rule made a song about his guns and how he's from New Yawwkk and yet he's from NJ lol. 

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Think it has to do with Nicki tbh.....


Could be, but the thing is he went after Drake, and Drake released 2-3 diss tracks while Meek was sleeping. Ton epiase adiavasto as the saying goes. Meek did it to himself, if youre gonna go at someone you gotta go hard, Drake embarrassed Meek big time. 


Speaking of diss tracks, Nas hit Jay Z so hard with this one, the title turned into a verb!  That is how you do it.


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Whites are over 75% of the population of the United States, while African Americans are 13%. Do the math Panatha. You have two populations, one 5-6 times the size of the other and yet all that separates them is a measly 14% in overall foodstamp statistics. 


We're talking about a population which is a little over a tenth of the size of the overall population and yet accounts for so much of the crime in the country overall. 


Also, no blacks have discredited Greeks? Take a listen to this song by a rapper you and tzatiki were just discussing. Also Nas grew up in Astoria/Queensbridge  side by side with Greeks so its funny to hear him spewing all this garbage. Take a good listen to this historically inaccurate bullshit. I'm too tired to break this song apart piece by piece right now so I'll get to it tomorrow or the next day but I'll post it for now. 






Also Turks enslaved us for 400 years, less than 200 years ago and SLAUGHTERED our people for decades to follow as recently as 1974. So yes there is legitimate hatred there. Funny, some black kid in HS told me once "I hate you and your ancestors who enslaved my people" It was then that I explained to him that I was Greek and that he was a ###### fool for being historically inept. 

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Ok, I don't live in the USA, so probably don't understand the situation as well as some of you guys. But the black community in USA seems to be more segregated from the whites than here in the UK. Crime is more of a problem, with more guns, drugs, gangs etc.


Also part of me thinks some of them are just looking for an excuse to start complaining. When young blacks today who even come from rich families and go to privileged universities, go on protests to show that 'black lives matter' or for their 'safe space'. They are a distraction from the real issues in society and will achieve nothing.



this is the book, 'black athena', used by black power advocates...to illustrate afro-centric culture being gutted and rewritten by whites, glorifying whites (greeks, in this case).




you seem quite keen to point out racism and your unconditional love for 4th-grade rhymes that glorify the thug and drug culture. with a name like tzatziki, can you explain your support for the most deepest of black causes and complaints, which includes taking away from hellenism to add to afro-centrism?? do you even know what you listen to or dress like and what the meanings are?


This whole idea, if I can even call it an idea, that black Africans helped create Ancient Greek civilisation is insulting to the Greek people. Total misinformation created by people who wanted to make up history for African-Americans to be proud of. There is no evidence to support this.


Its even worse than how they claimed Tutenkamun and Cleopatra were black. The powerful ancient civilisations in the Mediterranean were not black, even the North Africans would look similar to modern Berbers, not sub-saharan Afrikans.

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Why do you keep referencing the foodstamp statistic when I clearly responded to it? Did you not read my post?



Let me say it again because it seems you skimmed over it. Whites only take up 14% more of the foodstamp percentage than Blacks do, but they account for 77% of the overall population of the United States. So OBVIOUSLY they are going to take up more than any other race but the statistics show that for a race that is roughly a tenth of the of the overall population(black) to take up more than a quarter of the pie SAYS THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what you are claiming. Blacks are indeed the biggest welfare moochers because even though the white population surpasses them by a measly 14% in the foodstamp distribution they are FIVE TO SIX times smaller in population.



Also the "I don't personally know any....blah blah" statement doesn't hold up anywhere and statistics are so overwhelmingly against your argument that I'm just starting to think you have a black friend who's cool and so you've based your entire opinion on that.  So here are the statistics since you are so adamant about "white privilege" aka WHITE GUILT. 



In confrontations and crimes that involve black and white people, Blacks are the aggressor 85% of the time. In crimes where a black person was murdered , 91% of the murders were committed by OTHER BLACKS. Blacks account for over HALF of the homicides in the United States even though they account for 13% of the population.




Looking at it statistically, it is insane how a race that takes up 13% of the population is responsible for so much destruction within the country. That explains why most of them can relate to rap music and why it is as popular as ever even when it is at the most garbage point of quality ever. Like I mentioned before, go to Detroit, where the black community pretty much forced the white community out and tell me how effective a dominantly black community is in the US, you know, without whitey to suppress them.



I'd also advise you to check out South Africa, and let me know how slaughtering and burning their white farmer population worked out for them as well.  




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