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Haha Tzatziki, that's not hip hop, that's Grime!


Now that I've mentioned it, feel like I have to post this lol:



I like some of the 90s and 2000s hip hop like Tupac, Dre, Jay-Z, Nas, but not so into contemporary hip hop (apart from Kendrick Lamar maybe).

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Never knew you lived in Spain Reaper, sounds better over there mate.


I might listen to some hip hop and grime, but the image or style associated with that culture has never appealed to me. As Skepta would say "Nah, That's not me". I'm a white lad from the west-country, not a gangsta from London.


Having said that I know people from West and North England, from different backgrounds, white, black, Asian whatever who talk (and dress) like their some 'roadman' from London. I'm assuming these people choose to talk in such a way for social reasons, or maybe they learnt it off friends and siblings, because I'm sure their parents didn't talk like that. Just be yourself and don't worry about putting on an accent or look to seem cool.


Having said that, I often switch between my west country accent and generic well spoken southerner accent, depending on who I'm around. But I only talk in accents from another part of the country to take the piss.

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Yeah your right, girls play a part. I can't say whether that style helps with the ladies or not, given that I've never tried it.


Can't understand why girls would like that style either, but they usually grow out of it as they mature and settle with a more responsible man with a normal job. The ones that don't grow out of it are often left as a single mum after Mr. Gangsta pops off as soon as a baby comes along.

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unfortunately you will all find out soon enough the guys with the most money win the most ladies


This is true, but it doesn't mean you can't still get women if you're not rich. You just need to be fun or good looking or interesting or charming or have some combination of these or other redeeming qualities.  Money can buy pretty much anything but there is more than one way to skin a cat as the saying goes.

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