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They've just released a short new version!

In this version a woman living in an apartment in New York City hangs a basket from his flat towards the small market which is located under her apartment and shouts ''Joe Efendi'' ''Joe Efendi''(Joe Efendi is an african american) ''please give me 6 Cola Turca and a bread'' ! :lol: lol!

Camera turns to Chevy Chase who watches all these things with his mouth wide open! :lol:

for our friends who doesn't know Turkish,

'Coluk cocuk' means 'kids' in the Turkish slang

'Yenge' means 'wife' in the Turkish slang

'Bendensin' means 'i'll pay for you'

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1) I made a mistake. If I am not wrong, the k in [ch]ocuk turns into a g in front of a vowel, so I should have written [ch]ocuga not [ch]ocuka.

2) I was/am under the impression that [ch]ocuga is the dative of [ch]ocuk. Am I wrong?

On the human plane I would suggest that it is always in the best interest of your family not to be overly friendly with sworn enemies (such as mothers in law) and their agents (occasionally the wife).

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