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Transfer News And Rumors - January 2016


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Hi Guys, PAOK fan from birth, from Sydney , Australia. 


Such a frustrating season to date, experiment has so far failed on the pitch and the crowds and enthusiam from the fans shows this for me. 


The only real difference in approach this season has seen Paok purchase players that if dont work have credentials to be onsold and no big losses will occur for Paok and Savvidis unlike what we saw in the last couple of seasons before this one, where PAOK was dropping big contracts on players who didn't perform and money went down the drain. 


This current crop is all 24 years of age and under and most players would easily be able to be flogged off to Turkish, Belgium leagues and even Russia. 


From my point of view im in two minds about Tudor.......


Mind A - hes junk, team is playing like rubbish, hes had now 7 months to play some decent football with an ok squad and weve only seen football in patches and only two real games we showed quality. Like come on needing to waste time in the 90th to beat Panionios, yes they are playign well but why arent we? Our squad worth 5 times are much, our behind team staff they could only dream off, so really no excuse.....


Mind B - im sick of chnaging coaches every feb and bringing quick fix solutions that end up making things worse, then waiting till end of june for a new coach and then waiting till August for players and a new system.......  

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Thanks guys. Tbh bananas i use metropolis for that between jordan, raptopoulo and the callers i get my relief from laughing at m*****es as we all share this current pain!.

Well its still not over lets hope for a last minute bam and some more euro headlines for our paokara

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500.000? for Chatzisaias is what's being reported. 3.5 year deal

Edit - confirmed


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I'm happy with the signing of Chatzi. He's a good age and he's got some height on him. Hopefully he can help solidify the defence which has been porous for over a season now. I'll be even happier once Costa is gone. Looking forward to seeing how Chatzi combines with Tzavellas.

Not sure what is going on with Kace but right now it might be best if we sell him. A year ago, I would've been almost in a state of panic at the thought of him being sold, but with Charisis and Cimirot now, I'm not so concerned. Ideally he stays, but it looks like he wants out.

Mak will be a massive loss. Players like him aren't easily replaced.

As for signing a dekari, I don't see it happening. I hope we don't just sign someone for the sake of doing a transfer.

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Everyone is making moves to improve except us.  PAO made 8 moves (I think) and AEK has made or is in the process of a few (from what  I read.). Now, who knows how the turn out, but we got a goalie from PAS and a defender  from Panionios..... very anti-climatic.

I wouldn't call making 8 signings mid season ideal. Then again, in their case it's the new manager calling the shots.

We made our 12 signings earlier in the year. More than enough. All our signings except for Perpatov were young. Overall, I was happy with the summer transfer period. As for this period, we've signed 2 out of 3 positions we really needed to solidify. GK, CB (finally) but I don't see us signing a number 10. Knowing our luck, Chatzi will get injured soon.

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I like the 4-2-3-1 system personally (not just for PAOK, but in general)  I think Kace - Cimirot would be great together.  with Rodrigues - Mystakidis/Pelkas - Mak with Berba/Klaus up front is such a solid line up on paper.... I can't understand why they can't get their s%$#! together.  I hate to blame the coach, because it seems like such a cheap cop out, but there's no reason why these guys shouldn't be dominating every team in the league right... (except Oly).  I just feel like this coach holds grudges or something.  Like when he refused to play Malezas, now with Kace and Berba....Antonis not getting a chance.  I dunno, maybe they just suck balls at practice....meanwhile Olsen cost us tons of points early on, but he refused to take him out for Glykos early on....which goes against his bullcrap excuse for not playing Berba "I'll play who's good, not who get's paid the most" ... 

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The thing about selling Kace...would be that we'd once again have no backup in that position. This is exactly the type of problem we need to avoid. We can't have a great starting duo, and then expect them to play in three competitions without a break for the whole season. We're just as threadbare there as we are with our center backs.


At least with wingers, we have Rodrigues, Mak, and Jairo...with Kitsiou, Pelkas, Korovesis and Mistakidis able to help there too.

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