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  • 4 weeks later...

ROUND of 16


Atromitos - Platanias                2:1, 0:0

AEP Iraklis - Veroia                  1:0, 1:0

Asteras Tripoli - AE Larisa       3:0, 3:0 

AEK - Levadeiakos                    2:0, 1:0

Olympiakos - Chania                6:0, 4:1

Panionios - Ergotelis                  1:0, 1:0

PAOK - AEL Kalloni                    3:0, 1:2

Panathinaikos - PAS Giannina  0:1, 2:1


Not sure who I want in tomorrow's draw. Maybe Atromitos or Panionios. I would like to also see Olympiakos - PAO/AEK as one of the matchups.

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I want Iraklis in the quarterfinal and AEK/PAO in a potential semifinal.

If two of the other three big teams draw each other tomorrow that would definitely help us.


A question, will there be new draws for the semifinals or will they decide which winners meet each other tomorrow?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Looks like the first two semifinalists are already known following the first leg of the quarterfinals. I believe that there still will be one surprise elimination in this round. Let's hope it's not PAOK.


PAOK - Panionios                ---, 1:1 

Asteras - Olympiakos          ---, 0:5

Iraklis - AEK                         ---, 1:4

Atromitos - Panathinaikos    ---, 0:0

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would love to get Panathinakos in the semi , and Olympiacos in the final! 


My feeling from the past games is we will come out strong and smack panionios in the toumba! They will have lost the main CB hatzi and when that happens to a team oforse moral drops as in bigger team comes in and picks up your players like a bird pick worms! 


Will Berba's 3 match ban be over for him to play in this game? 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well the one surprise I expected happened. Panathinaikos was knocked out of the cup by Atromitos. Hopefully PAOK can overcome Panionios and make it to the semifinals.


PAOK - Panionios                   ---, 1:1 

Asteras - Olympiakos           1:1, 0:5

Iraklis - AEK                           0:1, 1:4

Atromitos - Panathinaikos    1:0, 0:0

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If the draw isn't happening until the 19th...that implies the first leg takes place the next week, right? That'll be four weeks since Rodrigues and Jairo got injured. If we could have even one of them back by then, I'd feel a ton better about our chances, regardless of who we draw.

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Jairo can be downright menacing if the full-back marking him lacks pace.  He doesn't seem too bright when in the middle of the pitch, but if he's hugging the touch line, he can be useful.  If you're going to play on the flank, you have to be able to dribble, get in behind the defense and cut the ball back, and he can definitely do that.  Having said that, some his passes are outrageously bad. ;)

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Worst possible draw. Not only do we play Olympiakos, we play the second game at Karaiskaki.


First game on March 2. The return leg on April 6 or 7. If Olympiakos qualifies to next stage of Europa League, than that date will move back. let's hope so we can get as many injured players back as we can get.


First game in two weeks. None of our forwards (Klaus, Berbatov) and wings (Jairo, Rodrigues) will be back for that one. It will be important to finish this game without conceding a goal. Even if it ends up 0:0. The other possible problem is the fact that we might have to play this game without fans, as we will definitively get punished for the incident in the PAOK - Atromitos game. The timing of the hearing in that case is important and will determine which game we will have to play without fans.

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