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As much makeup as you like and just in case bring your own device!

Where is the gig?

They are coming to the Netherlands too: on July 6, 2023 in Groningen (three hours drive from my home, so I am not sure I will try to purchase a ticket).

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They're playing at Gillette Stadium, which is thankfully only about 40 minutes away. Should have plenty of room for fireballs 

I've wanted to see them live for like 20 years now, and then I realized that their cancelled 2021 tour had been rescheduled for this summer... fantastic timing! They got banned from performing in the city my university is in due to a "wardrobe malfunction" so I have a lot of pent up aggression to get out of me.

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It was astounding. The crowd, less so. I do wonder how many went - there were many, many seats in the stands empty...but the general admission area was decently full. Wiki says 35k but who knows if that's right.

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