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Agreed but I think his game is getting better and have a good contract with Sacramento will allow him to commit to the team.

It doesn't necessarily have to be Koufos but I always like going inside and then outside to run offense.

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If Greece finish in the top 3 (medals), they will automatically go to Rio. If they finish between 4-6, they go to the Olympic pre-qualifying game. 

I think Greece has a decent chance this year, the team was announced a couple of days ago and it looks better than the one we had at the WC last year. Looks something like this:   PG: Calathes      

Well yes, our defense has been weak in the second quarter

In these later stages, it is so often the case that you need a star that can create his own shot and carry the load offensively. We have some good players coming through but we need to produce someone of this description.

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Wow Spain just beat France 80-75 after OT. Pau Gasol played the match of his life, like him or not, he is a great great player. Its weird to think people expected Spain to loose to Greece, now they've gone and beat the favourites in their own stadium. What it makes me think is that Greece could have beat France if they have got past Spain.


I expect Serbia to beat Lithuania in the other semi, but you never know in this Euro's.

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were down by 24 during the 1st, huge effort to wrestle back the lead in the 3rd but we had nothing left in the 4th. Couldn't hit a shot to save ourselves. 
Croatia ended up qualifying for the olympics after beating Italy in OT in there own back yard

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