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Eurobasket 2015

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MD 1

GEO - NED 72-73

FYR - GRE 65-85

CRO - SLO 80-73

Surprise win for the Netherlands as they played their first game in a eurobasket after 25 years (again in Zagreb like the last time) and managed to stand the last attacks of Georgia by grabbing the rebound after the last missed shot.

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really nice to see that most teams have all their stars this year. Should make for a fun Eurobasket. Probably have our toughest challenge of the group stage tommorow against Croatia. Really interested to see how Saric and Mario look. Bojan Bogdanovic might be injured though. Should be intereting

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It's games like this that I'm really glad we have Spanoulis, making clutch 3s and free-throws and setting up Printezis to score in the 4th. We were behind for most of the game, but with players like Spanoulis, Printezis and Bourousis, you know Greece can always come back.


Croatia ran out of 3pt luck in the 4th quarter and Greece made at least 2 important steals. But this was not the most convincing performance from Greece considering Croatia were without their best player, I'm not going to complain though, its still early days in the tournament.


Croatia were the biggest challenge in this group for Greece. So now this team should go and win all the other group games, Slovenia are probably the only other team that could worry Greece.

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Koufos has really done us wonders giving us valuable minutes as a back up big. We've really missed him over the years. Not a very convincing win but yeah I'll take hit. Who knows how Bogdanovic would of played, Croatia played a hell of game nonetheless. With no Goran Dragic I fully expect them to beat slovenia. But they gave Croatia a tough game opening night so they're dangerous.

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Wow we should not be loosing to Croatia considering Bogdanovic (their best player probably) is injured. Big 2nd half needed.


This what I was saying before the game also. But It was still a big test because they have many quality players. Our first half was s%$#!!!! Thank god we have Spanoulis but if the other players step it up we can beat anyone! Important games ahead PAME ELLADARA!!!

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