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WTF have Don Sweeny and Cam Neely done to the Bruins???

Gone are Dougie Hamilton, Milan Lucic, and yet they keep Chara??? And of their 3 picks in the first round, 2 according to analysts could of been had at the end of the first round.. I'm sure Boston radio is ripping them a new one..

Hamilton is going to be a top ten D man in the next five years.. First Seguin, now this. The Bruins are absolutely insane...

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Hamilton will never make that leap because he is soft like a marshmallow. He didn't want to resign with Boston because he felt Julien was too "tough" on him.

The Seguin one hurts. Lucic sucks. Chara is untradeable with that deal.

I like the Jimmy Hayes and Beleskey deals.

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I think you are clouded by the Boston Bruin mentality of "might makes right". Not all D men have to be hard hitting physical players. Yes the Charas and Prongers of the world are fine and dandy, but then again, so are the Kieths, the Lidstroms and the Niedermeyers as well. Some D-men rely on physical play while others are just as effective relying on positioning and stick checking. Boston gave up on a youngster in Hamilton that will put up points in an era were puck moving D men are becoming the norm..

I think Neely and Sweeny screwed the organization over by trading him away for the sole reason that he didn't fit the "Bruins way of playing hockey". They could of always played him with a hard nosed partner to cover for his lack of "toughness". Montreal has been doing this for 15 years with Markov. The point is you don't trade away talent with vision and a nose for putting up points because they are hard to find.. "Tough players" are a dime a dozen.

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I think you are missing thr point of Hamilton not wanting to play in Boston. Could you argue that they could have gotten more? Sure. But Hamilton made it clear he wasnt going to sign with Boston for whatever reason (coach, big market,etc).

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