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Be the Manager: What is your Starting 11, Formation, Etc.?

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I always got a kick out of these types of threads on the old site so I figured I'd start one up now as training camp will kick off in about a week. With PAO's summer transfers basically done (minus the CB of course), what do you guys expect the starting 11 to look like? What would you want the starting 11 to look like? Your thoughts below.


Here's what I expect to see when the dust settles and we start our CL/Europa qualifiers (assuming everyone is healthy):










I think Prajnic gets the nod early on in games due to familiarty reasons. I'm one of those that believes Robin Lod will be a huge get for this team and at some point will take over that midfield spot. Based off what I've read, he's a left footed box to box type who seems hungry and eager to make the next jump in his career. For whatever reason, I got a good feeling about that guy and his situation reminds me of Zeca slightly (not a big name signing, small team/market, age, etc) who turned out to be one of the best signings this team has made in ages (Thanks Jesualdo!).


Also, that TBD guy I heard is a total stud. PAIKTARAS!


What do you guys think?

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It mostly will differ but for Europe I'd play



Wemmer-----tavlaridis---(tba Sanchez)-----nano




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Good thread. I have added back up options to each position.


------------------------------   GK: Steele (Kotsolis)  ---------------------------------------------------

LB: Nano (Xouxoumis) CB: Tavlaridis (30) CB: NEW: Koutroubis RB: Wemmer (Bourbos)

-----------------------------DM: Essien (Lagos, Koutroubis) -----------------------------------------

--------------------- CM: Zeca (Lod, Ajagun), CM: Ninis (Pranjic, Donis) ------------------------

------------FW: Kaltsas (Klonaridis) ST: Berg (Petric) FW: Karelis (Dinas?) -------------------


We can see that our depth is very thin, especially in the CB position. We can see why we want to add Helandar to our squad. Otherwise we definitely need to sign another striker. Berisha came on loan last season and did nothing, no doubt the club will be looking at a similar option. 


We also have no loaned players at the moment, stay tuned for some last minute loan signings.

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I have no idea what to think about Katsas because we haven't seen anything from him yet.

All I know is that he seems like a pretty loyal player and a leader. He's been at Veria since 2008 and worked his way up to captain. This year he stepped up his game becoming a top scorer in super league and he's at a great age (25)

Hope he works out... *and I'd love to have mavrias back too

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Starting eleven for the first qualifying game!! 




Wemmer........Tavlaridis.........Sanchez (Thelander or Trianta)......Nano







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^^^^ definitely don't start 30 at cb!! :unsure: ...thelander may well have to start!!...if sanchez comes it depends on how match fit and how fast he can gel with the team...if only hed had arrived by now we could be looking really strong and sleek in the backline..on the plus it could be a blessing for thelander he gets his big shot right away!!!.

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Ok, now that we have seen more in the friendlies and with Essien out for a while, here is the likely starting 11 against Brugge;







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Lamiara should start at CB. We need the experience! And he'll be smart enough to cover for me when I get too aggressive on the attack.

As for manager, I say Greekaus should captain/manage the team, or else in true Greek fashion we would implode and spend half the game arguing! ;)

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--------------green man-----------------







Assistant coach: all of us :p

In my prime I was a defensive midfielder. I'd like to run around and foul people. Now in the latter part of my career, I have indeed made the move to CB for the betterment of the team.

But this team will never score with Accor up top. I haven't seen a palto like that since Rodrigo Souza.

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I am to old to play defensive midfield,my legs cant handle the work load ,plus I was always a center back,so that is where I want to play,but im telling you this ,I will not be passing the ball to accor6.


jvc your to young to start in this line up.

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Pana97, great idea creating a starting 11 with posters on this board. It has exposed the Greek side of many people within this forum.

By creating a new team we automatically have seen arguments, klikes and vendettas, just like the Ethniki. Brilliant!


As for myself, thanks for putting me in at CB however I see myself more like Ninis. Good vision and passing, cant be bothered running, slow as hell. I also lose form the moment I am exposed to nightlife, women and booze. And again, just like Ninis, I should be coming off the bench. 

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After watching todays game this would be my starting 11 against Brugge. 













GK: Don't really trust Kotsolis so hopefully Steele is ok to play

RB: I liked what i saw from Wemmer today up until the point that he got very tired. 

CB: Sanchez is a great player!! Very good touch, excellent passes, reads the game perfectly but i don't think he's quite ready yet. It will be risky if we play him against the Belgians. So Tavla and Koutrou!! 

LB: Pranjic on the left since Nano is injured.

DM: Lagos

RM: Zeca

LM: Ajagun. We need his speed to put pressure on the Belgians. Him and Zeca can do plenty of that.

AM: Ninis. Needs to have a big game!! 

RF: Berg who i know he'll show up for the game as always

LF: Karelis whos getting better and better!! 


Anyways whoever plays Pame Trifillara mou!! 


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I'd like to see this as a front 6:




Nano and Pranjic are both getting up there... I would rotate them both at LB..

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