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2015-2016 Pre-Season training news


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pash I think Lucas scored the goal. We are playing quite well today. So far we have not scored on our own goal.


I was confused by this because in the replay, it did look to me like Lucas scored it...then the commentator continued to say it was Vitor who did it. And then, he was the one who got congratulated by Lucas, it seemed?


Ugh this sport isn't for me, back to videogames.

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Charisis had an exceptional game today. If he works hard, he will become a great player. Mystakidis was good too.


On another bright side, Maduro did not play, and apparently his agent is in Holland talking with Arnesen.

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Of all the players I think we need to get rid of...Maduro is at the top of that list. At least Tzavellas, Lucas, and Martens are physically capable of playing. Maduro has been on a 1.5-year-long rehab with us.

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With the performances on Pelkas and Charisis, I'm fine with letting Noboa leave, not necessarily replacing him with a player of equal calibre and banking the cash. I'd have these two as part of a midfield 3 with a defensive midfielder behind them. Say Kace is sold and Noboa left, I'd happily shell out the reported 3 million Genoa wanted from Hellas Verona for Tachtsidis to see Pelkas Tachtsidis Charisis. One can dream  :D

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Well it's been an interesting pre season. Some observations ... not necessarily correct.

The change to 3-5-2 seemed radical to begin with, but kind of makes sense. I can only guess that Tudor doesn't believe we have the strength to play with 2 CB's, so he wants a 3rd CB to compensate for that. Scoring all those own goals was kind of comical though. If he wants this to be our main system for the majority of the year, we'll definitely need to sign 1 more CB for depth, unless he plans on using Skondras there full time.

Speaking of Skondras, where is he ? Has he been playing ? I wonder if Tudor doesn't want to use him on the flank ie. he doesn't rate his attacking abilities as good enough. Skondras was one of our better players last season, so it would be a shame if he couldn't find a role in this new system.

I like Tudor's emphasis on set pieces. This is professional football 101.

Pelkas has bee a revelation and it's great to see another kid from the academy might be a permanent part of the team!

Who the hell is Mystakidis lol. Again, great to see.

Charisis seems like he might be the real deal. Good to see.

Rats ? Does he have a role in this system ?

Tudor seems to be favouring wingers over wing backs, although it's too early to say really. It's only pre season. If that is the case though, we are sorely lacking in wingers. Only Mak is an out and out extrem.

With the return of Pelkas and Lucas, it's like we've signed 2 players. Hope they both keep up the good work. I really hope Lucas stays and can produce the sort of form he had in Spain in the second half of the season.

Glykos. Hope he bounces back from the injury. We need a solid backup keeper.

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Mistakidis is actually a winger and second striker - so essentially, he's Pereyra. We bought him last year from Freiburg (he played for their reserves) and loaned him out to Pierikos. Seems he spent his youth squad years in various German teams, and is from Salonica. I've liked what I've seen so far.


Esp since we haven't seen anything for Pozoglou.



As far as Rat...didn't he miss much of preseason due to his involvement with his national team? Or, Tudor isn't as fond of him/doesn't think he has the pace to work as a wingback (something I was wondering about last year). I did see Korovesis play a few times as well, perhaps they're just trying to test out the new players more so than the guy they know is our best LB?


Skondras, seems to me to be perfect for that role. Konstantinidis and Kitsiou, same deal. All fast, aggressive, etc. Our weakness is definitely not on RB/RWB.

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That new macron training kit looks awful:



Why is their logo more prominent than ours? Feels like I'm looking at something out of the 90s.


I probably should have bought a few of last year's jerseys during that sale a while back.

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Skondras has played. I saw him coming on as a substitute the (first) game against Koot Azur. Odd thing was that he was not wearing nr #2 but nr #19.


Rat was injured the first game and did only some trainingforms after the game with physical trainer.

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